Best Merchant Solutions for the Retail Sector

Retail businesses need to be able to provide quality products at a good value and deliver top-notch customer service. When your customers are ready to make their purchases, they expect a quick, convenient process that will take any form of payment and keep their financial information secure. That’s where a Booker POS comes in.

An up-to-date point of sale system ensures the final step in a customer’s journey through your retail business will be a positive one. While there’s a wide range of merchant solutions that can take payments, keep track of purchases and run reports, it’s important to choose the right system for your business. Here are some of the best merchant solutions right now for the retail sector.

Clover 2.0 Point of Sale System

This new clover system builds on the company’s reputation as a top-tier provider of customer-focused point of sale systems, rolling in several advanced features. Designed with Booker POS technology, the Clover 2.0 system ensures every customer payment will be quick, easy and secure.

The latest release from Clover keeps the brand’s sleek design, making it a great visual fit for any business. The new Clover station is able to accept payments from chip-enabled credit cards out of the box. That means customers will know their transactions are secure, and business owners will be able to provide the best service without having to buy a pricey add-on to accept EMV cards. Additional upgrades include a larger screen, a customer-facing display and fingerprint scanning.

Clover Mini

With a smaller footprint than the standard Clover station, the Clover Mini has all the same capabilities for processing payments, tracking inventory and keeping customer information secure. A newer retail business might consider starting with this smaller system, then adding units as the business grows and more checkout lines are needed. The table-top station accepts swiped credit cards, chip cards and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Business Features of Merchant Solutions

A busy retail store demands a point of sale system to do more than just take customer payments. You’ll also need to keep track of inventory, manage employee time sheets and run reports to gain insights on your business.

Clover systems integrate with a software package that allows retail stores to run their businesses effectively. Using the company’s Insights features, you’ll be able to run reports that show customer flow and predict times when you’ll be busier. The system also tracks inventory, giving a clear picture of which products are selling well and which items could use a boost. Retail operators who understand sales trends are able to run their businesses efficiently, saving time and money along the way. Maximize your available resources and make decisions based on data to take your business to the next level.

Make every customer transaction seamless by choosing an industry leader in merchant account solutions and point of sale systems. A Booker POS is adaptable for any type of retail business, whether you’re running a clothing store, a craft boutique or a specialty gift shop. Work with a trusted provider of business solutions to find a system that will help your store succeed.