5 Ways to Facilitate Communication in the Office

Gone are the days where going to work is a chore. As the corporate culture begins to shift to a more casual vibe, more and more businesses are looking into commercial office fitouts that encourage good communication and improved wellbeing amongst staff. Clever use of your space can contribute to increased productivity, boosted staff morale and strong branding, making your workplace a better place to come into every day. So how can you improve communication in your working environment with commercial office fitouts? Here are some strong options to consider.

Open Floor Plans

The demand for open spaces in workplaces continues to grow, with many different firms, offices and agencies opting for aesthetic use of their floor spaces. Open floor plans allow work environments to be transformed into approachable and communicative spots for employees. This means that managers are no longer closed off behind doors and communication can become an effortless part of your office’s culture. Commercial office fitouts can be structured to be open and spacious while still fitting the branding and aesthetic of your business.

Hang Out Spots

Providing your employees with spots to hang out is a great way to improve overall communication, mood and wellbeing in the office. Lounges, beanbags, collaborative tables and other kinds of furniture can be used to encourage good working relationships around the office while providing workers with a space to chill out when needed. Under high-pressure situations, people often need somewhere to de-stress and unwind. Incorporating break spots into commercial office fitouts is a successful way to encourage the formation of friendships while providing rest, relaxation and eating spaces that are separate from your working office.

Collaborative Spaces

There should be parts of your office that allow for flexibility, creativity and collaboration. For team meetings, debriefs, casual catch-ups with clients and general discussions, you should provide your workers with a place to socialise and brainstorm. This will help to build a stronger sense of teamwork around the office while ensuring that people aren’t discussing projects in group spaces and distracting other workers. Collaborative spaces also have the potential to bring a strong and colourful business branding to your space. So while it’s handy for your employees, it’ll also impress your clients and other guests.

Productivity Measures

There are many different steps you can take when carrying out commercial office fitouts to ensure that communication is easy and efficient. Beyond socialising with other workers around the office, employees must have access to the necessary tools in order to work productively. In general, you should make sure that you’re including advanced technology and enough power points in your floor plan. This way, efficiency and productivity won’t be stunted, and employees will have more comfortable and accessible ways to communicate with both colleagues and clients.

Good Lighting and Furniture

Workers produce their best work when they’re in spaces that they feel comfortable and organised in. Beyond providing spaces in which workers can properly communicate and brainstorm, your commercial office fitouts should include clever use of windows and practical office furniture. Providing a good amount of natural light will allow workers to feel refreshed and awake, helping to generally lift the overall mood. You can also choose furniture types that encourage collaborative working and communication. Spacious desks, ergonomic chairs, minimalistic colours and practical stationery will also allow workers to feel comfortable and happy at work.