5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Attorney

Running a business is not always a piece of cake. There will be times when you run into client problems or you have workplace issues to deal with. Some of these issues may even require legal assistance from a reputable firm such as https://phillipslawoffices.com, so it’s wise to retain the services of an attorney once your business reaches a certain size. If, like many small business owners, you prefer to spend as little as possible on sub-contractors, here are five reasons why your business needs a competent attorney on speed dial.


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You’re Being Sued

Nobody sets out to be sued, but it can and does happen. If someone feels you are responsible for their problems, they will sue you to recover damages. We live in an increasingly litigious society where being sued is as common as making a cup of coffee. There is insurance to protect you in the event you are sued, but it’s wise to seek advice from an experienced attorney if a client, employee, or member of the public sues you or the company.

Accidents in the Workplace

Accidents in the workplace can and do happen. Health and safety legislation is designed to protect employees, members of the public and business owners from workplace accidents, nevertheless many workplaces are inherently dangerous. No matter how vigilant you are about implementing safe work practices and ensuring staff are suitably trained, you can’t always prevent an accident from happening. If someone is injured at work under your watch, call your attorney as quickly as possible, as you could be looking at a very expensive workers’ compensation claim.

Contractual Issues

Contracts are boring documents, but they do serve an important purpose. Unfortunately, one careless phrase or missing clause can cause all manner of headaches, so it pays to consult an attorney before you draft contracts for clients and employees. An experienced attorney can write your contract documentation and ensure it protects your business from any future claims.

Employment Law

In an ideal world, all employees would be hard working, diligent and easy to work with. In the real world, employees sometimes steal, take drugs at work, don’t show up on time, or cause all kinds of problems in the workplace. An experienced attorney will be able to assist in the hiring and firing process, as well as offer advice if you run into any other employment law related issues.

Tax Problems

Being notified that your business is being audited by the IRS is every business owner’s worst nightmare. Sometimes it is just a fishing exercise, but if you suspect the IRS has grounds for finding any anomalies in your accounts, it’s wise to consult with an attorney before you do anything. A tax attorney can help you plan your defense in the weeks ahead, which is a smart damage prevention exercise.

A good attorney is your best friend in business. Forge a strong relationship and you know they have your back, whatever happens.