Quick tips before purchasing a travel insurance you actually need


You wouldn’t go on your travel vacation without your passport or tickets, but many of us will readily set off without even considering a travel insurance. Purchasing a reliable and comprehensive travel insurance policy to protect ourselves and our dependents, and those we are travelling with is one of the most vital purchase we need to consider when travelling far from home.

Just ask yourself, what will happen if you unexpectedly fall ill when overseas and need emergency medical treatment? Or perhaps you have to cancel your trip in the Bahamas because a family member is suddenly taken to the hospital? What if the airline canceled the flight due to weather issues? Or let’s say your baggage got lost or stolen? What then? There are tonnes of bad things that can happen, and if you don’t have the right insurance to cover you, that dream holiday or vacation travel could turn into a nightmare.

Below, we will give quick tips to consider before purchasing a travel insurance that you actually need.

Your travel destination

Your destination will naturally affect the type of insurance and coverage you need. Are you travelling domestically, internationally or both? Are all your chosen destinations coverable? If you will travel frequently throughout the year, consider a multi-trip package since it will be more cost-effective for you.

Your age

Check if the insurance package offered suit your current age. If you will travel with children, you should research how your cover applies to them as well.

The coverage

There are many types of inclusions and exclusions in all travel insurance policies and these will differ between providers. The best way to start is to create a list of the types of cover you need. Most policies readily cover you for standard items like hospital/medical and emergency, liability, trip cancellation, baggage – but also think about what other unique areas you need coverage for. These may include:

  • Any valuables you’ll be taking with you(e.g. jewellery, gadgets, etc.)
  • Anyactivities and sport you plan to participate in.
  • If any trip delays or disruptions could affect your income.
  • If you plan to drive a vehicle or car while you’re away.

Pre-existing medical condition

This can exclude you from other policies, so if you do have an illness or condition, you may need to do more research and compare the available options that are specific to your condition. If you are currently pregnant or becoming pregnant on your holiday, investigate as well what is or isn’t covered in the policy.

Choosing an insurance that works for your specific needs

As said above, there are virtually thousands of insurance providers out there, so make sure to compare travel insurance Singapore before you pick one. Exhaustively review the coverage, consider your options and read the terms thoroughly. This way, you get the best protection for yourself, your dependents, and the folks you’re travelling with. Best of luck!

Final Words

The best and only way to fully understand what you need in a travel insurance before buying is to understand what your policy involves and whether it’s right for you and your trip. Always take the time to read up on the policy so there will be no surprises later on. Have fun on your upcoming trip!