4 Reasons to Stop Using Your Personal Number as a Business Line

Learn about your customers, listen to their feedback, and maintain a good relationship with your business partners. All of these have become slogans to business owners who strive to grow their business. And if there’s a common denominator among the three, it’s that they all require effective communication. If you’re using your personal phone number to conduct business-related interactions, however, then you’re not operating at the most efficient level. Not to mention, you may look unprofessional to customers and partners. Here are the top reasons why you should stop using your personal number as a business line.

Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks

Small business owners feel tempted to use their private number for their business simply because it’s cheaper compared to getting a separate business number. But going too cheap can end up costing you way more money in the long run. This applies in particular if you become a victim of cyber-attacks. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of mobile phone users getting their personal information stolen from them. Just imagine what would happen when your smartphone gets hacked and it contains sensitive business data.

Limited Communication Capabilities

Many business owners will settle for their personal number and consider changing gears when their business already needs an enhanced call-processing capability. But switching too late can be a serious cause of headaches. Your provider might not offer the features you need. Changing numbers can also lead to a loss of customers. As early as possible, consider using a virtual phone number. It boosts your communication capabilities and even lets you expand the reach of your business. You can use a Belfast telephone number to target the local demographic even if you don’t have a store or an office in the city.

Inability to Control Employee-Customer Interaction

If you have employees who use their personal phone numbers to deal with customers, then how can you keep track of their calls? There’s simply no way to monitor the way in which they talk to clients. You are essentially giving up control over an integral part of your business: customer service. Just imagine if an employee sells your product at a higher price and keeps what goes beyond the actual price tag.

Disrupts Work-Life Balance

There’s a good reason why so many people advise maintaining work-life balance. If you use your private number for business transactions, then your customers can reach out to you at any time. When you’re eating lunch, enjoying a vacation with family or snoring in your bed—a single phone call from your customer can be disruptive. This doesn’t mean letting your customers wait until you’re done taking care of your life outside of work. It only means investing in a virtual business number with smart features such as call routing so you can address the needs of your customers while preserving your privacy.

While it may feel tempting to use your personal number for your business, you should understand why it proves inefficient and dangerous. Not only do you become vulnerable to cyber-attacks, but you can also lose control of your business performance and damage work-life balance. Consider making the switch to a virtual phone system that offers convenience, security, and affordability.