Top 7 Restaurants serving the best butter chicken in Chandigarh

Boasting a multi-ethnic population, Chandigarh food culture is one of a kind in India. It is one of the best places that serve the most delectable Punjabi cuisines made with rich flavours. Although Chandigarh restaurants serve other cuisines as well, the Punjabi cuisines here are to die for! Amongst the wide variety of Punjabi dishes, butter chicken has gained immense popularity among the locals due to its perfect blend of buttery and tangy taste.  

Butter chicken, also popularly known as Murgh Makhani can be easily found in every Chandigarh restaurant. However, you can find the best ones from the list below. Make sure to take note of these restaurants to indulge in the best butter chicken experience in Chandigarh. Also, since most of these restaurants are located adjacent to the eminent hotels in Chandigarh, you can visit them here at ease.

Pal Dhaba

Pal Dhaba Chandigarh is an evergreen dhaba that is famous for its chicken and mutton dishes. Located at Sector 28, the butter chicken available in Pal Dhaba is highly popular among the locals and the tourists who love Punjabi cuisines. Pal Dhaba makes its butter chicken with absolute finesse without compromising on the food quality. Besides butter chicken, you will also get dal makhani, keema kaleji, chicken curry and mutton rogan josh on its extensive menu. This place has a casual dining ambience with compact seating arrangements and charges Rs.800 for two.  

Pashtun Restaurant

Pashtun Restaurant lies in Sector 35 B and is one of the most traditional restaurants of Chandigarh. Offering a rustic outlook, this place serves the most authentic and tender butter chicken that will melt in your mouth as soon as you devour it. Besides offering the best butter chicken, the Pashtun restaurant also offers lip-smacking paneer Pashtun, chana masala and avadhi dum aloo for its visitors. Pashtun Restaurant has unique wall decoration of historical paintings and cooperative staff that presents dishes with utmost professionalism. Besides, it offers a fulfilling dining experience for two at Rs. 950.   

Swarn Dhaba

Situated at Sector 30, Swarn Dhaba is another popular place where you can find authentic butter chicken at pocket-friendly rates. Besides butter chicken, you can also find famous Punjabi preparations such as Punjabi mutton curry, mushroom chaap, shahi paneer and chicken curry for a satisfying dinner. Swarna Dhaba provides the best quality food at just Rs. 350 for two. It has polite staff and an atmosphere, perfect for lunch with friends.     

Chawlas Chicken

Located in Sector 22 C, Chawla’s Chicken is one of the best places in Chandigarh where you can have well-prepared aromatic butter chicken under a beautiful setting. Chawlas’ butter chicken is prepared with a good amount of butter and is slowly cooked with several spices. Besides butter chicken, this place also has a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to savour from. Methi malai matar, dal tadka, shahi korma are worth mentioning in this aspect. Two people can dine here easily at Rs. 800.    

Tehal Singh’s Chicken Corner

If you are looking for the most succulent butter chicken in Chandigarh, then Tehal Singh’s Chicken Corner welcomes you. Situated in Sector 22, Tehal Singh’s Chicken Corner is quite popular among the locals. The restaurant offers authentic food preparations in adequate quantity and at an affordable price. You can come here with your beloved and have a complete meal at this restaurant for Rs. 500 for two. You can also try its chicken tikka butter masala, masala tawa chicken, murgh Tehal Singh’s special and so on.

Royal Dhaba

Royal Dhaba is located at SCF 40, Phase 7 of Chandigarh and is another eminent place for devouring the best butter chicken in town. As per the ambience is concerned, Royal Dhaba has a soothing ambience and great interiors. Besides, it has a friendly staff and boasts a positive vibe. The restaurant’s speciality dishes, apart from the butter chicken include paneer noodles, paneer butter masala and meat curry. Offering some of the best food discounts, Royal Dhaba costs Rs. 450 for a meal for two.

Deluxe Dhaba

Deluxe Dhaba, located at Sector 28 C, is another popular dine-in place where you can enjoy the traditional preparation of butter chicken with friends and family. This place also has a casual seating arrangement with an elaborate menu that includes several Punjabi vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The cost for two people dining here starts at Rs. 600. The restaurant’s chicken malai tikka, soya achari tikka, paneer butter masala and methi malai matar are among guests’ favourites.