A Guide to Safely Biking During Rush Hour Traffic

If you’re planning to take your bike to work every morning or back home every evening during peak rush hour traffic, simply knowing the basics of how to ride an electric bike may not be enough of a safety precaution. Unfortunately, bike commuters can face a number of potential dangers during high levels of traffic, including the risk of car accidents, pedestrian collisions and more. If you want to commute via bike during rush hour but also want to make sure you stay as safe as possible while doing it, be sure to read up on the following safety guide before heading out. 

Wear Reflective Clothing and Ensure You Have Working Bike Lights 

One important rule of thumb in commute biking is to always make sure drivers can see you. This means not only riding in safe areas and staying out of cars’ blind spots whenever possible, but also ensuring that your bike and outfit are equipped to make you stand out. Make sure your bicycle has functioning monkey lights or other types of lights that can alert drivers to your presence. If you’ll be riding your bike while it’s dusk or dark out, it’s also crucial to wear some type of reflective clothing that can reflect cars’ headlights and help make you more visible on the road. 

Learn Common Biking Signals and Obey the Rules of the Road 

Even if you’re out enjoying a pleasant commute on your men’s or women’s comfort bike, it’s critical to remember to use biking signals and obey the rules of the road. In many states, bicycles are considered vehicles, so remember that commuting by bike does not make you exempt from the usual traffic rules. You may find it helpful to brush up on hand signals and other biking safety practices before resuming your rush hour commutes. Some common safety tips include the following, which you may want to learn by heart. 

  • Check over your shoulder before changing lanes 
  • Signal planned moving directions with your hands 
  • Slow down and speed up to keep up with surrounding traffic as much as is possible 
  • Stay in designated bike lanes and out of main roads if bike lanes are available 
  • Obey all posted road signs and traffic lights 

Avoid Frequent Danger Zones and Remain Vigilant 

Even in the best of circumstances, there may still be a few danger zones out there for cyclists during rush hour. That’s why it’s crucial to remain vigilant whenever you’re out on the road. Make sure you try to avoid: 

  • Open car doors or areas where car doors could potentially open 
  • Crowded intersections where cars might run red lights 
  • Pedestrian crossings 

Although taking your bike to and from work can be a convenient, quick and eco-friendly commuting option, it’s important to take rush hour safety into consideration before heading out. If you’re sure you’ll be commuting by bike during peak traffic hours but want to make sure you do everything possible to stay safe, follow this simple guide. By putting on reflective clothing and bike lights, obeying road rules, using common biking signals and staying vigilant, you can get to and from work by bike easily and safely.