Push your pedals harder: why you should buy a bicycle this summer

Do you recall that terrible feeling when you have to push through the crowd in public transport while getting to the work? It’s even more dreadful in summer when the temperature riches its highest pick, so why don’t you acquire a bike? Nowadays, riding a bike has become a daily practice for people all over the world.  Not only is it a convenient way to get to any desired destination of your city, but also it’s exceedingly beneficial for your fitness.  If you are considering taking up a new activity this summer then cycling is the greatest option for you. And here are the main reasons why.

Make new friends

As the prevalence of cycling is rapidly developing, it means more people are eager to equip themselves with new bikes. You can easily find the soul mates and instead of walking in the city center enjoy the company of new comrades.  Of course, you may stay at home watching some stupid videos about cats on YouTube or looking through the online casinos New Zealand but riding a bicycle is more refreshing as while socializing you can change your route and discover breathtaking places of your city.

Time – efficiency

The foremost reason for its fashionableness is mobility and accessibility. Riding the bike is sufficiently practical in terms of transportation especially in the overcrowded cities. It lets you reach instantly desirable destinations.  Additionally, you can effortlessly combine exercising with your daily duties such as getting to work or dropping into the shop. With your bike, you can buy all the essential things in no time simultaneously improving your fitness shape. That will enable you to spare loads of time.

Improves your physical health

Pushing pedals every day is a perfect physical exercise which will make you feel better. Unfortunately, obesity and overweight are common health problems among office workers, students, and pupils who spend much time at home sitting in front of computer screens. Scientists proved that mere cycling within a few hours in a week noticeably reduces the development of such diseases like diabetes, depression or heart problems.

A recent study conducted by the University of Amsterdam showed that a regular cyclist (defined as a person making three long bike trips per week) possess the same health condition as the 10 years younger non-cyclist. Truly fascinating, isn’t it? A group of German scientists analyzed around 7000 scientific works and discovered that riding a bike:

  • Generates endorphins also known as «hormones of happiness», reducing depression, anxiety and sufficiently strengthens the immune system;
  • Decreases the risk of heart attacks and other serious sicknesses;
  • Strengthens the back;
  • It is prone to regulate blood pressure, improves lung function and oxygen absorption;
  • Maintains muscles in a good shape and strengthens the bones.

Bolsters mental well-being

Doing sports is the best way to get rid of any worries or concerns that collected during the busy day and will definitely help you to empty your head from confusing thoughts. Take your bicycle and escape from the undesirable anxieties. Pleasant race in your own pace will allow you to fascinate the stunning views. Breathe deeply and listen to the birds twittering while the pleasant wind blows into your face.

To start doing something new is always awesome. Cycling is an ideal way to spend your free time actively and it doesn’t matter what your age is. Being sporty and healthy isn’t so complicated as you think, you just need to do small steps and everything you want to achieve will be yours. Put on your brand new trainers, get on your bike and hit the road this summer!