Practical Accommodation Tips Perfect for Any Traveler

Once you have decided to travel abroad, there is an invisible checklist that pops up in your mind. The very first thing on that list is to find out where you want to go first. Let us say you decided to go to Singapore, so you make a quick search on all the key places you can see while you are there. After that is done, you book the airline tickets, pack your bags, and then wait until departure date. But wait, there is something missing in that list.

You have not decided on the accommodation yet. Getting the best one might take you a while to do, mostly because there are a lot of things to consider like location, amenities, and your budget. The good news is there are a number of accommodation types you can choose from these days. So to help you decide which one to get, we have listed down accommodation travel tips from Choice as your guide.

Try couch-surfing or serviced apartments

If you prefer a home away from home kind of setting, couch-surfing or serviced apartments are the best choice for you. Couch-surfing is when people open up their homes to allow travelers to live with them for the duration of their trip. This could be a good opportunity for you to learn more about living locally, possibly even learning a little of the language. There are website that can help you find a secure home like Hospitality Club, Stay4Free, and Global Freeloaders. Make sure to look at the person’s profile carefully and read the comments for information about them. Their profiles need to have a picture, contact information, and reviews.

Serviced apartments on the other hand are basically apartments that come with hotel amenities. It is perfect for both short and long stays because it is cost effective, it has 24-hour security, and you can still feel like you are at your own home.

Look for short term rentals

Short term rentals are very popular these days. This is where private homes or apartments are rented out for travellers. The price range is usually dependent on the location of the property to the city centre – the farther it is, the cheaper the accommodation can be. But there are other factors at play like the size of the place, obviously, a 6-bedroom house can be on the pricey side. The difference between short term rentals and couch-surfing is the family is not there, you are completely in control of your environment. You can cook your own food while experiencing local life at your own pace. A popular website to choose short term rentals is AirBnB.

Consider choosing hostels

Hostels are an adorable accommodation to try out. You get to stay in a dormitory style room which you share with other people. This is a popular choice for short term stays, backpackers, and budget travelers who would welcome extra company. But there are actually some hostels that provide a private room for your group of friends.

These are accommodation that can fit in your budget, and you can probably book these just a couple of days before your check-in date. Make sure to do a search for trusted accommodation first before reserving your room so that you are confident that you will be safe.