Flying High – New York Tours To Sweep You Off Your Feet



For most people, the city of New York conjures up images of strutting along 5th Avenue with your Saks on 5th shopping bag, visiting the sights like the Statue of Liberty and dining in upscale, unique bars and restaurants right in the heart of Times Square. While all of these are great ways to see the city and take in the sights, what other ways can you really get around and see the Big Apple? Check out a couple of truly unusual but enjoyable ways to get the most out of your next New York adventure.

Hansom Cab

This is perhaps one of the most popular ways to see New York – primarily Central Park. These types of horse drawn carriage were first developed in the city of York in England. The design of the carriage is that of two wheels, accommodating two people with the driver managing the horses from behind the passengers and was first developed in 1834. Today it’s a hugely popular way to see Central Park in New York (and a few other areas) without needing to walk. The prices range depending on length of trip, but they aren’t cheap. A full hour, if you just walk up to a Hansom cab driver, can be as high as around $150. Rates may be cheaper if booked ahead online. During the winter months, the carriages can be additionally accommodated with things like warm drinks and blankets to keep passengers warm. Rides vary in length from only ten or fifteen minutes for around fifty dollars, all the way up to an hour for one hundred and fifty if not booked ahead.


If you want something that will really blow the rest of the choices out of the water, check out the numerous options for helicopter tours of New York City. Depending what you want out of your amazing aerial view of the city, there is something for you no one of these awe inspiring trips around the city. With even private helicopter tours available, you will find the perfect option – especially if you’re looking for that ideal romantic gesture to celebrate an anniversary or other such event, also perfect for popping the question! Try a helicopter tour of New York on your next trip – and keep the memories for a lifetime.


New York City is ideally based right on the coast for perfect cruise options to catch the impressive skyline by dawn, dusk or during the day. Cruises around the harbour, out to Ellis Island and even down some of the rivers that cut through the centre of the city for a really intimate look at the many facets of such a bustling and busy American city. Adding a cruise to any trip to New York is a sure fire way to highlight any time you might have here.

So there you have a couple of great ways to get around and see the best New York has to offer. Taking tours and really grasping the options available like the Hansom cab and helicopter tours can really help to make your visit the best you could ever hope to experience!