Exploring the Caribbean on a Budget: 3 Tips to Help You Do It

Source: Flickr/nigelsb

The Caribbean Sea and its islands are some of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world, but what they are not is cheap. Fortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that one cannot travel the Caribbean without breaking the bank and the following three tips for traveling the Caribbean islands on a budget will show you why.

Use the Off-Season to Your Advantage

The peak season in the region starts from December and lasts until March, so that’s when the flight fares, accommodation costs, and just about everything else will be at its peak, making the Caribbean Islands a very expensive place to vacation. Luckily, the prices come down drastically from April and stay down till mid to late November, making the off-season months the ideal time to visit the islands without having to spend a fortune. If you are worried about the weather, you have reason to be because it can really get very humid post April. This is why you need to plan your vacation as close to the mid-April spot as possible for both enjoying pleasant weather and a relatively cheap vacation.

Going to the Caribbean after October is also a good idea because that’s when it begins to cool down again. The added perk of traveling off-season is that there will never be too many people around you; which is a problem that tourist hotspots like the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic are way too familiar with.

Choose Your Destinations Carefully

As you are trying to visit the place on a budget, you would be wise in choosing a few select places for the trip and exploring them to their full extent, instead of hopping from island to island. Try and explore the less-travelled island of Carriacou and take your time in discovering the beautiful but almost-empty beaches there, such as the Paradise Beach (L’Esterre Beach) or the Anse La Roche Beach. The remote location of the island makes sure that the costs are never too high, and even during peak seasons, the place is as peaceful as it can be. Check out caribbeansbest.org for more detailed info on Carriacou, aka The Caribbean Isle of Reefs and many other beautiful, but underrated places just like it.

Work as a Deckhand

This only applies to young students and travelers who are not traveling with their family, but if you are either, you will literally be able to travel all around the Caribbean Sea and islands for free, while being paid to work as a deckhand on any of the multiple yachts that roam these seas.

Everything Else

There’s a lot more you can do to further decrease your vacation costs in the Caribbean, and just in case you don’t know about them already, check them out below.

  • Stay at a hostel/guest house/bed and breakfast
  • Bring your beach essentials (sunscreen, shampoo, meds, etc.) because it will cost you a lot more if you decide to buy them at the spot
  • Avoid the big hotels and eat at the local eateries to both enjoy the local cookingand a much cheaper price for food
  • The tip above goes for drinks as well; stick to the locally manufactured liquor and you will save a fortune

Note that the term “budget” means different things to different people, but even then, these tips should be able to shave off quite a few dollars from your budget for a trip to the Caribbean Islands.