In our previous article, we had covered the bars in Manila, where you can interact with like-minded locals and travelers. This time, we want to intrigue party animals because Manila’s nightlife has a lot of underrated potentials. When you conquer your fears about the notoriety of Manila, you will get rewarded with some of the liveliest nightclubs. Here are some examples.


Makati is one of the most famous districts in Manila for nightlife. As its name suggests, Royal is the place to go for an elegant and stylish night out. The Victorian interior design and the separate elite sections with VIP sofas flawlessly live up to the name. Yet, you can still ground down through the massive dance floor in the center.

Royal’s playlist always manages to surprise the visitors. You could even realize an emphasis on a different genre every night, from EDM and RnB to Billboard Top 100.

The music aside, the flaming cocktails and shots will bring another element of adrenaline to your night. The favorite drink in Royal is Flaming Lamborghini, a column of shots set ablaze that you need to drink up using a straw. If you are willing to accept various other changes like this one, Royal Makati Nightclub has its doors wide open for you!

The entrance costs only 10 USD and includes one drink.


The Palace at Manila is an entertainment complex that can compete with the venues in Las Vegas in terms of affluence. If you want a customized clubbing experience for only you and your friends, look no further!  With the spacious venue comprising two floors, 20 couches, and more than 30 cocktail tables, Revel is the number-one choice of celebrities and the jet set. The Veranda overlooking Manila’s skyline is the cherry on top.

Booking a table at the venue gives you access to high-end alcohol brands, performances of international DJs, and a large swimming pool at the center to freshen up.

The luxury nightclub offers Champaign packages of Pop, Clink, and Fizz, as well as birthday discounts and themed-party options. You might end up paying hundreds of dollars in one night, but the experience is priceless and well worth every cent. Revel At The Palace is open every day from 10 pm to 5 am.


A top-rated nightclub should stand out for its capacity and space. With 400 seats and space large enough to accommodate more than 1500 people, House Manila is where the majority of Manila’s youth likes to hang. Located exceptionally close to the Terminal 3 of Manila Airport, House Manila will greet you with the banging electronic music and translucent spotlights even before you set foot in Manila.

The club is part of Resorts World Manila, a complex teeming with five-star hotels, shopping centers, and sophisticated restaurants. That’s why you can even benefit from some of the promotions, such as shawarma, wrap, and tacos.

Thanks to its popularity, many international DJs include this lively venue on the top of their tour itineraries, with electronic music being the primary beat. House Manila operates from Wednesday to Saturday between 9 pm and the early lights of the morning.


Most of the nightclubs in the Philippines peak at livelihood from dusk till dawn, but that doesn’t mean you will be devoid of clubbing during the day. As the first daytime pool club in the country, the Island boasts a utopia within the chaotic Manila downtown. It is such a refreshing feeling to be exempt from having to dress up smart and splurge money on VIP entrance. The Island welcomes you even when you are wearing flip flops and Hawaii shirts.

Don’t let the laid back atmosphere fool you; the Island is a magnet for many international DJs wanting to perform in front of the enthusiastic youth. Their spacious venue has parts both for dancing and for relaxing. The swimming pool with constant circulations ensures the water remains cold enough.

You don’t even have to leave the club when you get hungry, as it is home to nine food stations with a variety of meals from BBQ to seafood. Because the Island is part of the Palace Manila, you also have plenty of options outside the door.

The Island is open six days of the week from 5 pm till 4 am, and the best part is, the entrance is free. What more could you ask?


For a lot of tourist destinations in Asia, tourists raise the question of LGBTQ-friendliness. Fortunately, Manila has a thriving scene for clubbing and drag-dining. Claiming to feature Asia’s most excellent Dancing Drag Queens, O-Bar is the number-one LGBTQ nightclub in Ortigas for five years.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, you can go freely and watch the mesmerizing and interactive drag performances. There are both nation-wide famous queens and talent shows among the newbies. The best part is that you can even get to meet them backstage after the show.

The entrance to this colorful club near Metro Manila is only 10 USD, which includes three beers or one cocktail.


The majority of nightclubs in Manila congregate in Makati, especially in the ultra-affluent The Palace. Opened in 2014, Valkyrie was one of the first installments in the Palace in the entertainment section. The management later changed its name to Xylo.

Being big enough to accommodate more than 2000 people, Valkyrie deserves a spot on our list. This Makati attraction has two floors; the ground floor has a spacious dancefloor, while the upper level is for exclusive VIP sections with comfy sofas and balconies overlooking the crowd.

From Wednesday through Saturday, every day has a different theme. While Wednesday’s and Thursday’s parties are genre-based like EDM or Hip-Hop, Friday and Saturday are known for theme-parties such as Cosmic Sky or Night Crawlers.

You need to make sure you have the right attire before you enter. That means men cannot wear shorts and sandals, while sandals are also forbidden for women. Although it might sound lame, it adds to the feeling of sophistication and flamboyant at XYLO. Also, seeing world-famous DJs, such as DJ Snake, Dirty South, Martin Garrix, and Adventure Club, is worth going through the effort of dressing smart.


Underground music wasn’t widespread in Manila until the establishment of the Void. Considering that the owner Gabby Zuleta is a DJ himself, it was not a surprise for the Void to quickly make a name. The result is a place that emphasizes music rather than classy looks and becomes quite successful in no time.

Situated below Makati Sports Bar in Poblacion, this is the go-to place for anyone who fancies House and techno music. Unlike the other nightclubs in Manila, the atmosphere is more on the quirky, patchy, and chaotic side with dark walls forming a contrast with neon prints and lights.

The Void is open between Wednesday and Saturday from 10 am to 6 am. The entrance is mostly free, except for Friday and Saturday when the venue is getting closer to exceeding its capacity.

The team of local and international DJs made an enormous contribution to what the Void has become today. Besides their music DJing skills, the facilitated DJ auditions every Thursday. So, you can witness aspiring locals making their wishes come true.


If you are tired of hearing the same pop songs and wanting to stimulate your eardrums, Strumm’s is the best place in Manila for live music. The local bands of Manila will often perform here, covering classic hits from the last few decades. Strumm’s is a great alternative to the places with the new generation’s playlists.


With such a variety of nightclubs, Manila is emerging as the entertainment hub of Asia. To arrive in Manila with an energetic mind and body, you should fly with Cathay Pacific Airlines that will make you feel at home while aboard. Visit here for more flight information.