Tokyo is becoming the best tourist destination that anyone should visit in their lifetime. It is the largest city in the world, with a population of about 37.4 million people. It’s also the capital city of Japan, hosting the Emperor of Japan and the national government. Two international airports serve the city-Narita and Haneda airport. Narita airport is the busier of the two primarily serving flights from outside Japan. Haneda airport handles mainly local flights but also takes a few international flights. Tokyo is an Island city that is accessed mostly by air, especially for international flights.

Although it is the largest world’s largest city, you don’t need to spend a fortune visiting the attractions that the city provides. Through the internet, you can find the best flight deals to Tokyo with Cathay Pacific. Below are some of the things to enjoy in Tokyo.


Tokyo offers a myriad of options when it comes to choosing accommodation. You are spoilt for choice from traditionally styled hotels to modern and exotic hotels with an elegant ambience. The modern hotels offer architectural designs, comparable to none for those who fancy exquisite design work.

One thing for sure is that during your stay, you will experience incredible service offered by friendly and helpful staff. The budget notwithstanding, you will find the right place at pocket-friendly rates. Hotels on the outskirts of the city are more affordable in comparison to the ones in the heart of the town. For more extended stays, you can stay in fully furnished apartments that offer the experience of home away from home.


Try the finger-licking exotic delicacies of the Eastern world in Tokyo. When it comes to delicious dishes and cuisines, Tokyo does not disappoint. Tokyo is the largest fish market globally, offering the freshest fish for making Sushi and other fish-related dishes on the planet. While in Tokyo, you will do yourself a disservice if you fail to savor the signature Japanese dish, Sushi.

Nowhere else in the world can you enjoy Sushi so well prepared, that you want to order it, time and again. It is made from vinegar rice, a slice of fish, and eaten with soy sauce and wasabi. The best way to enjoy this delicacy is by eating with chopsticks. The experience will leave you, asking for more.

Another dish that is a must-try while in Tokyo is the Sukiyaki. It is a dish cooked in one shallow pot with different ingredients like noodles, tofu, mushrooms, green onions, and beautifully laid slices of beef. It is a favorite dish both in the restaurant and home menus.

Other foods that you should try are; Yakiniku-Japanese style barbecue, Kaiseki-a Japanese multi-course meal with 15 to 16 courses, Kare-Raisu-Japanese curry rice, Sashimi, and yakitori-grilled chicken. There are many more dishes apart from these that one should try. It goes to show that Tokyo is very rich in unique traditional and modern dishes.


Japan is a county rich in culture and religion. There are several temples and shrines that you cannot afford to miss while in Tokyo. The shrines and temples are used for Buddhist religious activities, but visitors are allowed to see. During their festivals, you will be able to see them perform religious activities. In the temples, they even offer good luck and protective charms, charms to improve love life and also make wealth.

The Sensoji Temple is the oldest and most famous shrine in the city of Tokyo, receiving numerous visitors round the year. You can visit the sanctuary through the Kaminarimon gate and see a big 3-meter high red paper lantern, and an incense vat that is believed to cure diseases once you apply the smoke from it. Between the gate and the temple is the Nakamise Dori shopping street, where you can buy souvenirs like musks, articles made of precious paper, wood carvings, kimonos among, other many items.


The Tokyo Skytree is the tallest structure in Japan and the tallest, free-standing tower in the world. Standing an impressive 634 meters from the ground it serves as an observation and communications tower. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city from the view decks and also from the restaurants. The tower has several cylindrical observation decks. You can watch the city from the 350 meters or the 450 meters cylindrical viewing level. You can walk on the glass-floored, uniquely designed spiral glass walkway to the higher level. Though safe, the walk is not for the faint-hearted. The tower is the most significant tourist attraction in Tokyo.


Ginza is the busiest shopping area in Tokyo. The street is about 1km long and plays host to large departmental stores, fashion outlets and boutiques show-casing both international and local Japanese brands. It is the location of some of the premier brands and shops as well as affordable shopping outlets for those with a budget to consider. The street is iconic and has been the Centre of commercial business activities for several centuries. The street is open for shopping all the days in the week but is usually closed to traffic on weekends from 12pm to 5pm to allow pedestrians to enjoy shopping.

Whether you are browsing through, window shopping or on a shopping spree, this is the place to visit. It’s important to note that visitors enjoy tax relief and should not forget to carry your passport to enjoy these. It’s indeed, the shoppers’ paradise. The street has many other shops, restaurants and cafes to savor some of the delicacies offered at friendly and affordable prices for all.

In a nutshell, Tokyo has very many attractions which one would love to visit like the Sumo tournaments, the Imperial Palace, and gardens, hiking at Mount Mitake and many more. You should consider a visit to Tokyo to enjoy these and more.