So many people are now looking to explore and travel around the world. Whether it be through looking for some fantastic offers available similar to the william hill casino promo, which has been a popular choice. There are many places that are considered as a must see for people within their lifetimes. Here we cover five of them.

5) Great Barrier Reef

Much of the coral population has reduced but it still remains a must see destination for travellers. It is known for the varies colourful fish such as clownfish, angelfish, parrot and butterfly fish but also homes over 3,000 individual reefs. There are also some breath taking beaches in the area to explore when not in the water.

4) Hong Kong

The popularity of people travelling to Hong Kong is growing and for good reason. It not only provides some stunning views but there are also a vast number of historic sites to visit as well as family attractions. The food is what draws many people over to Hong Kong, due to the fact there is so much on offer with the likes of Dim sum being a popular choice.

3) Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon national park still remains a worldwide phenomenon and extremely popular destination. This is shown in the fact it attracts around 6 million visitors each year, due to its stunning views that stretch in excess of 270 river miles. It is popular amongst those looking for that outdoor adventure, in which you can hike across many different trails. The Grand Canyon remains a must see for travellers.

2) Paris

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, known as the city of light. There is an endless amount of art, history, tourism and culture available to visit for travellers, which is why it remains such a popular destination for many people. This includes the Louvre art museum and Eiffel Tower. Paris is also home to a fantastic food scene, with a never ending list of top restaurants and festivals year round.

1) South Island – New Zealand

The island remains one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, which is why it attracts a large number of visitors each year. There are lots of wildlife to see such as penguins and whales as well as many area’s to visit. Whether you are looking to hike or even kayak, this is all available across the parks on the island.