The Third Wave of Technology

As we have all noticed that the world as we know it is changing and our minds are evolving. Things that we didn’t even dare to think of are now happening right before our eyes. We now have A.I and Virtual Reality is becoming the norm. That is what we call the third wave of technology.

The First Wave

Before we had the third wave of technology, we obviously had the first wave. The first wave was the Agricultural Revolution. This was when people realized that they could raise crops on the ground. Families lived on the same piece of land for generations and generations. Trilling the land was the order of the day. However, as we all know that nothing is constant and change is inevitable, we had to move from that, just like we moved from land-based casino to American online gambling sites. This is a proof that technology is developing

The Second Wave

The Industrial Revolution marked the beginning of the second wave. In this stage, we learned how to create tools to make our jobs easier. However, we all know, there were some who were not delighted when things changed. This meant that technology was taking over what they hoped would be their source of livelihood.  Just as we were still getting used to the industrial revolution, we had to move on to the era that we live in today. We were now moving from the land-based casinos to the australian slots that we play today.

The Third Wave

The era that we live in today is the Third Wave, the Information Revolution. We now live in a world where we need information for anything. In the past information was a want, and only those who yearned for it had it. However, the age that we live in today is an age where we can’t do anything without information.

The food that we eat, the games that we play, the way we think, and even communicate is characterized by information. That is the age that we live in. And don’t think that we will be here as we said, change is inevitable.