The Samsung Galaxy Note9

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 which was launched in August 2015 in the United Arab Emirates really stands out in the family of Galaxy Note Series phones which have been released up to date. Some tech gurus even glorifying it as the “best Android phone ever”. Coming as direct competition to the iPhone family the Samsung Galaxy Note9 comes with a number of cutting edge features. These really make it stand tall among other android powered mobile phones. The Samsung galaxy note9,has au sports betting app where you can place your bets on your favourite player or team.

While most Samsung Note Series phones like the note3 and note 5 which are highly criticised for their somehow poor battery life. Note 9 comes with a very powerful 4000mAh built-in battery which is used normally is guaranteed to last a whole day as compared to previous phones which have shorter battery life.

Another key factor that is hard to ignore with the Samsung Note9 is its memory range. It has a capacity of 512 GB which translates to about half a terabyte of memory. One would not have the burden of loading and deleting files so as to preserve space like with the lower tier Note Series phones.


  1. Despite the vast storage capacity that comes with the Note9 it also has a memory card casino games online for external memory in the event that one exhaust all the storage.
  2. For avid gamers, the Note9 has a water-carbon cooling system which reduces the phone’s temperature during gaming making it ideal for real money gambling.
  3. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a Bluetooth enables stylus pen (s-pen). This allows for the intelligent use of the pen for things like presentations.
  4. It also comes with a wireless charging system which allows for one to continue using the phone while it is charging from range.
  5. For camera and selfie addicts the Note9 has dual camera system as well as a wide angle 12 megapixels camera.
  6. It also operates with aid of 8GB RAM making it even way better than some computers out there.
  7. It has a 6.4 inch AMOLED screen which makes it quite sizeable.
  8. In terms of security, the Note9 comes with a unique fingerprint scanner at the phone’s rear and an iris scanner at the front giving the user a sense of security.