Elevate Your Home Interior with Stylish HDMI Cable Installations

Even the tiniest of details in your home interior can make a vast difference. With our tech-advanced setups and gadget-oriented homes, HDMI cables have found a massive contribution. From your TVs to Laptops, even your phones can connect through HDMI cables. 

Moreover, the high-quality audio and video experience is always something we all admire. So, if you have a home theatre, it’s even more pivotal. But with HDMI cables come the clutter or swings of the cables. If not installed or organized properly, they can leave an unappealing mark on your interior.

It is time for you to maximize your HDMI’s appeal without making it an eyesore by following these tips that can save you money on renovations as well: 

1. The Great Concealment 

Cable raceways are one of the most popular options out there. They add the stroke of rustic or industrial aspect to your entire setup. So, if you’re fine with a little bit of industrial addition, it works great for HDMI cables, as well. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to pull the cable out and use it somewhere else. Black and metal raceways usually add to the industrial charm.

2. The Disappearing Act 

If you’re looking for a more ‘elegant’ and ‘seamless’ solution, then in-wall wiring will work the best for you. All you need to do is check the local building codes and then ensure you meet the safety compliance. Once done, you can go ahead and get in-wall HDMI cables. This option works great for home theatres and TV screens, especially if you have a TV mount. 

3. The Furnished Flexibility 

What about the HDMI cables that you pull out and use from time to time? How can you make them look better and not ruin the appeal? The easy part will be to hire a custom carpenter or have a custom-built TV feature wall. You could add brackets or cable passages on them to keep the clean look.

If you prefect a modern and functional home interior, this will work great for you. 

4. The Storage Options 

The regularly connected HDMI cables can use the solutions given above. But what if you have HDMI cables you use only from time to time? Well, to store them, you will have to invest in a wall organizer, but wall plates also work great. If you have a shelf or drawer in your TV mount, that will work great, as well. If you have bought HDMI cables from RS recently, you definitely might want to store them around. 

5. The Clips, Brackets, And Other Trinkets 

Let’s assume that you don’t want to invest too much in organizing cables. What can you do to make it seamless? Well, decorative cord clips are available in various colors. You can also use cable sleeves or cord hiders to cover your cords. Using brackets to organize and stick them to the wall also works nicely. This is a great setup for a minimalistic home