Controlling your home with your smartphone

Technology continues to advance at an alarming rate and nothing more so than through our mobile devices. You can now control virtually everything in your life through them, whether it be work emails, social media, banking and now your homes. Here we cover the future of smart homes.



Yes many people now control the heating in their homes from their smartphones. As we move into the winter months it can always be a costly period for home owners, as they look to keep their homes warm in the chilly conditions. There are now systems, where you can control all of this through your smartphones. This means manually adjusting the temperature while at work so you can come home to a warm home. Nest Learning thermostat is just ones of these new systems.


A similar process to the heating, in which consumers can now control the lights in their homes. Whether this be looking to recreate the sunset or just dim the lights, you now no longer need to move and can do this directly through your phones. An example of this is with the Philips Hue lights bulbs.


People are always looking to change from their outdated products. Whether it be moving to modern composite doors, carpets or curtains. This can be due to the wear of the products; but what about the cleaning? You can now control a robotic cleaning device from your smartphones. An example of this is the Dyson 360 eye, which can amazingly find its way around your home and clean the floor where required, even when you are not at home.


It is a morning ritual for many to have their coffee to wake them up, so they are ready for the day. There is now a WIFI enabled smart coffee machine, in which you can start brewing that coffee from your bed. This can enable for saved time, so it is ready as soon as you get down stairs or can be set to get that coffee ready for you first thing in the morning. This is likely to be a popular choice for many moving forward. The future for coffee drinkers?


Do you ever have trouble with your cooking? Well this could be just what you need. This cooking software knows exactly how long the food needs to be cooked for and will send you notifications of its progress straight to your smart phone. It can also produce a live video of the cooking, which can be good for those fussy eaters. An example of this is the June intelligent oven.