5 Facts about VR Games You Need to Know

Virtual reality is a computer-generated world. Players are immersed in it with the help of special VR helmets or glasses. It’s not like playing games on your phone or computer because you are entirely in the game universe and become the main character here.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Reality

If you have heard something cool about VR but still don’t understand how it works, we will answer the most popular questions from newbies.

1. What’s the difference between VR glasses and a VR helmet?

The critical difference is in immersion and the connection technology itself. Glasses are the easiest and most affordable way to experience virtual reality. They connect to a smartphone, or rather, it is inserted into the glasses and broadcasts unique content through the eyepieces. Of course, the quality of content depends on the power of the smartphone.

VR helmets are tracked in space using sensors. They broadcast the image on different displays for the eyes and provide complete immersion in the digital area. They are ideal for gaming and connect directly to the computer.

2. Will I feel sick in virtual reality?

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When the player is standing still and the image is actively moving, unpleasant sensations may appear in some cases. There are few such games, and gamers are warned about them in advance. Professional equipment provides the best image synchronization and will not allow unpleasant sensations.

3. Are there any restrictions at all?

The first thing newcomers to VR worry about is whether it is possible to play with a visual impairment and what to do if you wear glasses. Of course, it is more convenient to change glasses for lenses in this case. But the glasses themselves are not an obstacle. A VR system is put on glasses.

There are no health contraindications for using VR, but the player’s mental state matters. If there are nervous and mental disorders, you need to carefully consider the choice of content, avoiding games with bright and dynamic scenes and wild special effects.

4. What can I do in virtual reality?

You can ride roller coasters, walk with lions on the savannah, travel to Mars, play games, watch movies in 3D, etc. It all depends on the type of content.

5. How to interact with objects in the virtual world?

Joysticks are usually used. Special controllers “feel” the movements and gestures made in reality, thereby transferring them to VR.

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