Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Donate to Charity

We live in a broken world, and many desperate people need help. The needy among us cannot get assistance from anywhere else unless we give it to them. Moreover, most of the needy people are victims of circumstances. Some are orphaned while others have suffered the aftereffects of vices such as war and racism. You are lucky to be even a little bit privileged.

Everyone can give to a worthy cause such as this reputable charity in Israel. Yad Ezra is an exceptional charity that feeds and educates children and also provides jobs for the jobless needy. Still not convinced on why you should donate to charity? Below are the top 3 reasons;

1. Giving brings you happiness, prosperity, good health, and long life

A plethora of studies and experiments such as the University of Zurich Study have proven that giving is a source of happiness. When you give, your mental health also gets better. Generosity triggers the amygdala part of the brain to reduce anxiety and stress. Additionally, scientists have proven that charity is related to cardiovascular health and longer life.  Giving to others lowers your blood pressure, which in turn decreases your mortality rate.

Giving also gives you a sense of purpose in life. For those who earn lesser than average, giving helps you feel wealthy and brings fulfilment. When you give, you take the focus off yourself and consider someone else’s needs. Again, giving breeds prosperity. The more you give, the more you will receive.

2. You cultivate a culture of giving in your children

Generosity is an invaluable virtue that you will want your children to have. There is no better way to teach your kids to give than to set a good example. Let your family have a culture of giving. You can have a savings box where each family member puts in money. Each month, you can choose a charity to which you will donate. Involve the kids in selecting some charities too. Your children will continue with the giving trend and pass it on to their kids, which promotes the culture of giving.

3. Donating helps end the poverty cycle


The money you donate to some charities is used to buy quality food that ensures the needy get a balanced diet. A balanced diet curbs malnutrition which is a cause of poor physical and mental development in children. Part of the money also goes to healthcare to ensure that people are healthy so that they can be productive. Some charities also provide education and seek employment opportunities for the needy, enabling them to be independent. In the above ways, the cycle of poverty can come to an end.

Donating to charity is beneficial to your physical and mental health. It is also a great virtue to pass on to your children and the community at large. The result when more people give is a community with less dependent people because donations also go into empowering the needy to be independent.