Why You Should Be Investing In Commercial Property

If you are looking to invest some of your hard earned cash then you should forget about stocks and shares, oil futures and angel investment and instead put your money behind the bricks and mortar of commercial property. There are so many benefits to this kind of investment, some of which we are going to take a look at here, which can help you to grow your wealth.

I started investing in commercial property through the fantastic Woodgrange solicitors a few years ago and I am currently the owner of 3 properties, all of which are turning  profit for me each month, if you are in any doubt about why you should invest in commercial property, here are just a few reasons for you.

Less Volatility

The commercial real estate market suffers from a great deal less amount of volatility than that of residential real estate which means that there is a lot more trust in the market. Whilst this does mean that there is less likelihood of making huge gains in a short amount of time, it also means that commercial real estate proves to be a safe place to put your money and the risk of a property’s value crashing at speed is also highly unlikely.

Long Term Renting

If you are looking to rent out commercial real estate then you will find that the majority of your tenants will be looking to rent over a long period of time. This applies with office space, factory units and even hotels as most businesses will stick around a lot longer than a tenant in a residential property.

Hard Asset

If you choose your property carefully then you are likely to find that the commercial property which you are looking at has not only property value but land value too. This double-value situation means that this asset of yours will be highly secure and regardless with what happens to the tenants which you have within it, you will always have an asset of strong value.

Easy to Tweak

If you want to add an extension to your home or alter the size and shape, you have to jump through hoops when it comes to planning permission, consult the locals and the process can be very taxing. With commercial real estate, there are far more relaxed rules around what you are able to do within your property and on your land which means that if you see an opportunity to add value to your property, you can do so in a far easier manner.


Finding tenants or even buyers should you wish to sell your property is much easier than it is on the residential side of things and there is a healthy demand for many commercial properties. It is the demand which exists that minimizes much of the risk that is attached with many other types of investment and yet another reason why commercial real estate makes for a smart way to invest your cash.