How to Move to Spain from the UK

Spain offers its residents something exceptional. The sunnier climate and very relaxed life pace make it the perfect destination for those looking at retirement. In addition to this, Spain offers its residents great infrastructure and excellent healthcare facilities. But, before you set out on your move to Spain, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are our top tips for anyone moving to Spain.

Spanish climate

Before you decide to relocate to Spain, you need to ensure that the area you have chosen perfectly suits your climatic preferences. Spain is a large country, and the climate varies from one region to another. In the northernmost part of Spain, you will find that the climate is temperate with mild winters, while in the south of Spain, you will find that the weather is quite hot. Central Spain, on the other hand, experiences extreme temperature variations.

Cost of living in Spain

This is often considered one of the best benefits of living in Spain. If you eat the same as the locals do, you will find that you can stretch your money quite far. Going out to a high-end restaurant can be quite pricey, however. Property prices are very affordable, but you will quickly find that housing in the bigger cities is far more expensive than a small house or an apartment in one of smaller towns like Javea. You also need to consider that the costs of utilities such as gas can be more expensive.

Work and income

Before you move to Spain, you will need to find a job, which will require that you do a fair amount of research. If you plan to start your own business, you will need to plan and research even more. Whichever you decide to do, you need to ensure that you have everything planned out before heading off to your new life.

Learn the lingo

Before you set out on your new life in Spain, you will want to enrol in a course or two to learn the Spanish language. While people live in Spain without knowing a word of the local lingo, you will find that your transition to Spain will be easier if you understand what the locals are saying. Learning to speak Spanish will also be extremely beneficial if you look for a job in Spain.

Get a gestor

A gestor is a professional with legal experience and good contacts but should not be confused with a lawyer. While not a real estate solicitor or an accountant, they can complete related tasks. Their primary role is to mediate between you, as a member of the public, and the Spanish administration, known for its challenging bureaucracy. Ask around, as recommendations and word of mouth is usual the best way to find a suitable gestor. The relatively low fees you will be charged are well worth the time you’ll save in your dealings with the Spanish administration.

If you follow these simple steps, you will find that moving to Spain is an enjoyable process, that will offer you a whole new world of experiences.