How to get the best odds of winning slot machines

Slot games all come with different odds and chances of winning at This can be a little difficult to get your head around as it may seem like the games just come down to chance. However, there are some things you should know regarding the odds of slot games, follow this guide to master slot machines and generate the wins!


RTP (Return to Player) is a set amount of income that casino games will return to the player. For example, a game with an RTP of 95% will return £95 out of £100 that was put into it by the players. There is always a way to find the RTP of slot games  so you should always be on the lookout for this when trying to determine your odds of winning.


RNG (Random Number Generator) is the system on which all slot games  operate. This allows for the games to be determined by luck and always have a fair outcome. RNG is a computer algorithm that uses mathematics to calculate the winner of slot games.

Use probabilities when playing slot games

Probability means the chances you have of winning when playing slot games. If you know the amount a winning combination will be paying out, as well as the odds of landing that combination you have worked out the probability. To figure out the probability of landing a combination you need to know the amount of stops in a slot.

Every reel will have a symbol appear several times, you can normally find this information by looking up on online. Still, this is complicated when it comes to modern machines as they can have up to 10 reels and 200 slots. The best way to take this approach would be to find an older machine to play on.

Use a good strategy to beat slot machines

If you consider yourself a great tactician, here is some great advice. We suggest playing the games that offer the highest percentage of money back. This will give you the best odds of winning. Follow this advice to use strategy to beet slot machines.

Furthermore, if you set yourself a budget on how much to bet per spin, you will be able to calculate how long you will be playing and how many bets you will place. When taking this approach remember that each spin has the same chance to win. Although you will see more earnings if you bet higher, this is likely to deplete your bank balance quickly. Therefore, spacing out your spending over a longer period is advisable.


To finalize, there are several ways you can increase your odds of winning on slot machines. By combining the things that we have gone over in this article you should be able to generate some wins! So get out there and find a slot machine to play on now!