How to Avoid a DUI Case

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious, deadly and punishable crime worldwide. Despite this fact, many people still drink and drive. In fact, statistics show that drunk driving is one of the leading traffic offenses dealt with at police stations. In addition to that, it’s also a leading cause of accidents on the roads today.

Breathalyzers are used by police officers to measure the volume of alcohol in a drivers’ blood stream during road checks or traffic stops. The driver blows air into the device, which then calculates the alcohol content in their bloodstream. If the results are beyond the legal threshold, the police will then arrest the driver for further investigation. Otherwise, the driver is allowed to move on.

The financial and legal impacts of DUI are quite high. A DUI may attract fines, bail, lawyer’s fees, court costs, increased insurance premiums and administrative fees for treatment and diversionary programs. Additionally, you may have your license suspended, or be required to install ignition interlock devices (IIDs) on your car. Some DUI convictions also lead to jail time, among other penalties. This is why you should avoid a DUI at all costs.

But the question is, how do you do that?

Follow these tips to steer clear of DUI lawsuits and criminal convictions.

Hire a Driver

Everybody wants to have a good time on a party, which can mean freely enjoying a variety of alcoholic drinks. In this case, hire a personal driver to do the chauffeuring back to your final destination. Please note that the hired driver should be completely free of any intoxication. This gives you room to enjoy the function well enough without any worry about having no way to get back home. If you are a regular alcohol drinker, just leave your car home and utilize public transportation or hire out private drivers through an app like Uber.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs should be entirely avoided by every active driver. Managing a car on the road requires full functionality of the brain, which can be negatively affected by the chemical components found in alcohol and drugs. Alcohol causes poor coordination of the body because it slows down the brain processes. Furthermore, the leading component in cannabis, affects the brain’s functionality in body control and coordination, decreases vision, and reduces concentration — affecting the driver’s ability to control a care in a safe manner.

Mix Social Groups

If you are constantly being pressured to drink alcohol, consider changing who you hang out with. It may make sense to start hanging out with friends or colleagues who discourage constant alcohol use. They can help you monitor, control and limit the consumption of alcohol to ensure your health and safety. They can also drive you safely home if you do accidentally drink too much on certain occasions.

Drink at Home

This may sound weird or impossible, but it is a good strategy to avoid drunk driving charges. Consume alcoholic drinks in your house or within the radius of your home. This ensures that you have no need to drive after a long night of celebration. And, if any accidents occur, they are not as grave as road traffic accidents and will be charged in a different category.