Great ways of Investing That Hard Earned Cash


Investment is something that scares a lot of people but it doesn’t have to be that way and putting your money to work by way of investments is a great way to grow your wealth and often to protect it too. I started investing from my IRA which I had paid in to for many years and now I boast quite a portfolio and have seen some strong returns on many of my investments.

If you have a healthy savings account or perhaps an IRA or 401K that you have been steadily putting money in to then you can get started with some small or large investments in order to help you increase your financial position. Here are some of my favorite ays to invest my money.

Hedge Funds

I started out small during my early investment days and placed money in a huge fund with Kingstown Capital Management, they are hedge fund management company who helped my to gain some great profits. In a nutshell, a hedge fund is a pooling of funds from many investors which is used to buy a huge chunk of long term stocks, because of the amount of money that goes in to hedge fund, managers are able to short sell stocks whilst holding on to the long term investment. This method will see you receiving monthly cash and dividends and it is a great way to start with your investments.

Real Estate

My first sizable investment came when I invest in some disused office space, I was able to use my savings and a little of my hedge fund profit to secure the property and then used a small loan from the bank to give the place an overhaul. I have now managed to pay back the loan, the value of the property has increased thanks to the renovation work and a favorable market and I see regular monthly returns coming in by way of rental. Whether you opt for commercial or residential real estate, it is a very smart and secure place to invest your money that can have huge potential upsides.

Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading is one of my favorite ways to invest and make quick cash, it isn’t always guaranteed money, but then again what is! In essence, binary options trading is where you buy a contract that predicts whether the price of an asset will be above or below a certain price at a certain time. For example, gold is currently selling at $1,120, after you’ve done your research you think that it will be above this price at 3pm this afternoon, let’s say you invest $44 in this option. Binary options are always between $0 and $100, if you were right then you will win $100, minus your $44 and see a profit of $56, if you are wrong then you will lose your original $44. You will need to have a good understanding of the market but when you do, you can make some fast and strong profits from this method of investment.