Five Handy Tips to Find Freebies & Discounts

Most parents like myself will always be looking for freebies. However, there are too many and the ease of finding one varies significantly. Some are easier to find than others; some are shown to you daily; others will require you to do more extensive research. The online space is a great resource for you to find freebies. Besides, online will offer you a discount or an offer on any freebies that you are interested in purchasing.

Below are the five easy ways that parents can utilize in finding freebies online.

1.Promo Codes

Voucher codes are everywhere. You can find voucher codes for restaurants, online purchases, and voucher codes for several days out. If ever need to go out for a dinner or lunch at Pizza Express or any other renowned restaurant chain, check if they offer promotions in the form of a two-meal discount code. Mostly you will find them offering £10 for two plates or something similar. Similarly, there are usually some of these options via the internet, and that means you will get extra free food for the price of the pizza. Parents can use this to find freebies.

2.Online Food Delivery

There is always a delivery charge for each food delivery online. This can range from a pound to 6 pounds, but you’ll agree that £6 is too high to pay for the weekly grocery store. You can save money by getting an annual food delivery card or by signing up for a supermarket when they’re enticed to offer you free delivery for a whole year, and this is something that I have done I recently with Ocado. In doing so, you will have more money to put it back in the food expenses or even use it to buy a bottle of wine.

3.Online Bonuses

Now, I’m not someone who uses online casino sites or websites that offer slots and games. However, I know that the rewards can be huge, and they can offer you free bonuses or free spins with no deposit required. In many cases all winning can be withdrawn meaning you can use this cash for anything you can imagine, including clothing, vacations, the weekly grocery store or anything that appeals to you.

4.Collection of Coupons

If you are looking for a full day for your whole family, then why not see if a newspaper or food brand has a promotional offer when they collect coupons, which can then pass the family to a specific attraction. These features often apply to London theme parks and monuments such as Madame Tussauds. This can save you a fortune, as I know it can cost more than £100 for two adults and two children to visit one of the main parks in the UK.

5.Utilizing the Free Samples

Brands are always ready to provide free samples, and there are many websites that you can register for free. Parents can get free samples for pregnancy and baby, which allows you to taste the product before you buy it. This can help you save money because you are not wasting money on something you don’t necessarily like.

These are the five best ways to find freebies as a parent. Do you have any useful tips to add to this list? Feel free to comment.