Cost is Now the Leading Reason for Quitting Smoking!

Even though evidence is mounting in support of the fact that vaping is safer than smoking and that it can be a useful quit tool, many leading health organizations like the FDA are not embracing vaping as a quit aid. Fortunately, other countries in Europe are embracing vaping as a way to kick the habit and there is every reason to believe the United States will slowly follow suit like they have so many times in the past over other controversial issues.

With all that being said, health is no longer the number one reason why so many Americans are turning to vaping over smoking. The number one reason to vape these days is cost, and here are some telling reasons why.

Rising State and Federal Taxes

As if the cost of tobacco wasn’t already high enough with what the big tobacco companies are setting as the ‘norm,’ government has smokers over a barrel. There is both a federal and state tax on cigarettes and the sum total of taxes in some states is equal to the cost of a pack of cigarettes in other states. For example, Chicago and New York City are now selling cigarettes for roughly $14 a pack of which at least $7 is tax dollars.

That is the equivalent to the cost of a pack of cigarettes in states like Alabama and Mississippi, but the total residency in those states isn’t even equivalent to one of those cities! If you thought the cost of cigarettes was high a few years ago, just imagine at this rate what it will cost to smoke by the year 2025 or 2030, and mostly because of taxation.

The Relatively Low Cost of Vaping

If you are a smoker looking to reduce the amount of money you spend on that nicotine fix, you might want to look at the relatively low cost of vaping. Even with the cost of affordable designer vaping devices like you’ll find in this collection, you will be spending less than 30% of what you are now spending on cigarettes.

A few years ago, the comparison was listed at 40% less the cost, but that is before federal and state taxes went up again. According to Money Magazine in 2015, vaping saved the average smoker 40% of the cost. Since then, there have been both state and general elections in which tobacco taxes figured prominently. After buying a vaping device, you are only paying for e-juice and coils so averaged out over a year, many vapers calculate they are actually saving up to 75% of what they had spent smoking!

If Cost Doesn’t Affect You – Nothing Will

For over half a century we’ve known about the health hazards of smoking and that did little to discourage smokers to quit. Now with the high cost of smoking, if that doesn’t help you make the switch, nothing probably will. Can the average person spend $14 to $28 a day on a cigarette habit? Probably not and that is why cost is now the number one reason why so many smokers are vaping instead.