Choice Home Warranty Exemptions

Almost all the complains and the negative reviews that revolve around the home warranty service industry are a result of misunderstandings between the home warranty service providers and the contract holders. The contract holders do not go through their contracts properly and as a result, they end up expecting the home warrant providers to cater to things which they have clearly stated that they do not cater for. Hence the need for the Choice Home Warranty reviews of their limitations.

Below is an overview of the issues that they do not cover despite the said appliance or system being covered under the home warranty contract. 

Natural Calamities and acts of God

Choice Home Warranty only promises to facilitate repairs and or replacement for appliances and systems for failure as a result of normal wear and tear. Any malfunction caused by corrosion or rust or a ductwork that has collapsed is not covered. Other causes of malfunction that are not covered include; build-up, corrosion, mold, mildew, lack of maintenance, misuse, fire, power surges and other electrical failures,  missing parts, freezing, change in structure, lightning, water damage, mud , soil movement and settlement, earthquake, storms, damage caused by pests, storms and any other act of God 


The CHW is not responsible for damage caused by the negligence of the service provider. The contract only covers you for the repair or replacement of any system and appliance that is covered by the contract and their liability will not exceed $1500 per contract period for the items.

Manufacturer’s warranty

It is not the responsibility of the CHW to repair or replace any item that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty or any such kind of warranty even if the said appliance or system is covered by the home warranty contract. 

Pre-existing conditions 

In the event that a system or an appliance under the contract with CHW malfunctions as a result of a condition that was there before the start of the contract, the home warranty service provider will not be liable for such a repair or maintenance. Whether the condition was known or was not known, the company is not responsible for such a repair or replacement. CHW also does not repair or replace a part or component of any system or appliance that had previously been declared as defective or any failure caused by the manufacturers’ poor design.

Commercial grade equipment

Any equipment that is for commercial purposes is also not covered by the CHW contract covers. For any professional system or appliance, they will spend up to a maximum of $1000 US on repairs and replacement. 

Routine maintenance

Any form of repair and maintenance the responsibility of the contract holder. CHW will also not be liable to pay for any malfunction or failure of any systemor appliance resulting from non-compliance of the contract holder by not dutifully performing the normal routine maintenance as per the manufacturers’ expectations and specifications.

Providing access

Sometimes some of the systems are placed underground or in the ceiling. It is the responsibility of the contract holder to ensure that the service provider is able to access the system that needs repair. The same case applies to close the access point. The contract holder should ensure that after the system in question has been repaired, they should restore the place to its original status. 

Repairs and restorations

In some cases, it may be necessary to open the walls or even the ceiling in order to repair some of the appliances and systems. In such a case the dispatched service provider will only be expected to restore the wall or the ceiling or whichever part of the home to a rough finishing. They will not be expected to restore any paint or wall or floor coverings or plaster or anything of the sort.

Energy management and solar systems

Any energy management system or appliance and lighting management system, be it computerized or electronic, it is not covered under the home warranty contracts. Solar systems and any appliance or system relating to the solar system is not covered as well.

Electronic & toxic waste

CHW is not responsible for disposal of your electronic waste. For them to do so, they may require you to pay an extra cost to facilitate the disposal of such kind of a waste. The service provider that was dispatched to you will be responsible to ask for the extra charges. The electronic waste includes; compressors, evaporator coils, condensing units, capacitors, freezers, refrigerators, water heaters and any other appliance or system that may contain materials that are dangerous or are an environmental hazard if disposed of anyhow.

They are also not responsible for any toxic material such as mold, lead paint, or asbestos.

Delays in Repair or Replacements

Sometimes some delays may occur in the process of repairs to covered systems and appliances in your home. This may be due to the difficult accessibility of the appliance or systems that need the repair or replacement or even unavailability of a certain part that is required in the repair process. CHW will not be held accountable for any such failure to offer the service on time.

Replacement of equipment

CHW reserves the right to decide when to repair or replace a system or appliance that is under contract cover. In the event of replacement, they are obliged to replace the appliance or system with one that matches the efficiency, capacity, and features and not necessarily same brand or color. They are not responsible for any upgrade that may be required as a result of any incompatibility of the existing appliance or system with the newly purchased part or component or system or appliance. They are also at the disposal to offer the contract holder with cash in the event that a part or component or system or appliance that is needed for repair or replacement is not available in the market. In the first 30 days of the contract period, Choice Home Warranty is not responsible for any repair or replacement of any systems or appliance that is covered by the home warranty contract.

With this kind of Choice Home warranty review you are in a better position to understand what exactly it is that you expect from CHW when you sign up for a home warranty contract with them. This kind of understanding will help reduce the negative rating of the company since most of these arise from general misunderstanding and high expectations of the contract holder from the home warranty company. When all customers understand this, then the  Choice Home Warranty Reviews will definitely be more positive and increase the companies rating.