A Smart Guide to Looking Rich within Your Budget

We all want to be Instagram worthy celebrities at some point of time or the other, but not all of us have the bank balance to live that way. Some people try hard to get there, while some others just want to look sophisticated and rich for fun. Some might want to make their way into professions which require looking a bit stylish and classy, but budget remains a constraint. However, with careful dressing and specific spending, one can easily pass off as a person of wealth. Here are just a few tips to ease you into pulling the look off.

Do not act like the nouveau riche

When you want to appear distinguished and wealthy, you want to behave like you’re accustomed to the luxury of it, rather than as if you just got your hands on a lot of money suddenly. The key is not to boast about your wealth, and do not be extravagant beyond your means. You don’t need to host big parties to show off your money either. Having a few close people over for dinner and drinks is more like something actually rich people would do.

Do not overspend

The previous tip is connected heavily to this one. Just because you want to appear rich does not mean you have actually become rich. Spend only when you know it’s necessary and socially expected. Do not go out of your way, and out of your budget to buy expensive drinks, meals and clothing just to impress other people. Your wallet will make you regret it in the long run.

Dress the part

No one needs to know if your Ksi Net Worth is high or not, unless you’re specifically in showbiz. Most of us are not, so one major factor that can make one look truly classy and rich is dressing well. You can go online and take a look at outfit ideas which are trending or have always been considered stylish. The key is to dress neatly, in comfortable but well-flowing fabric which fits you precisely. Try and make a style statement of your own, but don’t confuse high street fashion with gaudy, overly bright or glittery clothing.

Groom yourself

This is not about going to expensive salons for manicures, or about getting highlights. It is about refining your best features: wash your hair with soft shampoo and condition after that; bathe thoroughly every day, use a soft but lasting fragrance, and generally, take care of your appearance. A little yoga and exercise wouldn’t hurt either, especially as yoga is in. Polish your language of communication, and read up on current affairs, literature, art, and a little of this and that, so you are better equipped to handle social interactions.

Looking rich is thus, more about switching up a few habits here and there, than changing yourself completely. Remember that you can only pull off looking rich gracefully, if you muster up the confidence to go along with it. Once you’re confident in yourself, and have mastered the above tips, no one will believe you’re not rich unless you convince them otherwise.