8 Easy Ways to Save Money

If someone walked up to you and asked if you wanted more money, you would say “yes,” and it wouldn’t even be much of a thought. However, if someone came up to you and asked if you wanted to save more money, you would still say yes, but it wouldn’t be quite as exciting. 

In today’s culture, we allow ourselves to get caught up in the idea of always needing to make more money. We see how much everyone is spending around us, and we feel the need to keep up by making more so we can spend more. Instead, though, if we really focused on saving money or learning tricks to make our money go further, it would be the same as making more money.

This article is going to provide eight easy ways that you can save more money and ultimately use it to do the things that you want to do. 

Get Rid of Cable

If you are looking for some significant savings right off of the bat, getting rid of your cable is something to consider. With the average cable bill being up in the triple digits, you can save a hefty chunk of change each month by getting rid of it altogether. Don’t worry, though, there are still plenty of entertainment options out there, and some are even free. There are sites where you can stream movies, shows, and even watch live sports. Some cost a monthly subscription fee, but a lot of them are free. And, the ones that do cost money are only going to cost a fraction of what your monthly cable bill would be each month. 

Have Friends Over Instead of Going Out

It can be easy to get caught up in the mindset of always going out for dinner or drinks. However, doing this regularly can add up quickly and will impact your budget pretty drastically. So instead of always going out, try inviting your friends over. You will get way more bang for your buck, and if you set the right environment, you will have just as much fun, or maybe even more fun. To get your night started, try some specialty mixed drinks or a few fun appetizers. Everyone enjoys socializing better around good food and drink. And, if you have a large group over, have everyone bring something to share. 

Turn Off the Lights

This is one area of saving that is not only going to help your budget, but also the environment. As you leave a room, simply turn the lights off. It is going to be that simple to cut down on your electrical bill each month and to live a little bit more green conscious. And, after a while of reminding yourself, you will find that it becomes a habit and something that you start doing without even thinking. 

Pack a Lunch

If you work in an office and are eating out for lunch five days a week, that can really add up. And, depending on where you are eating, it can also affect your waistline. So instead of choosing to eat out during the week, pack a lunch. You will be able to save money, and also, hopefully, eat better as well. 

Bundle Your Insurance

If you have multiple insurances that you are paying each month, do some research and look to bundle them all together. A lot of insurance companies will offer deals to customers if they are willing to bundle all of their insurances together. This may take a little bit of research to figure out the best plan for you, but it could also equal some substantial savings every year. 

Drink Water

This may not seem like the most fun way to save that you have ever heard of, but it makes a big difference, and the savings will add up. Instead of spending $3 on a soft drink every time you go out, get water instead. Or, if you are at home, choose a glass of water instead of always going for juice, milk, soda, etc. Water is free, so take advantage of it. Also, water is good for you, so the more you are willing to drink water, the better you are going to feel. However, if you absolutely don’t like drinking water, get something to flavor up your water. There are plenty of powders are liquids that will add a little flavor to your water and are very cost-friendly. 

Shop the Deals

There are always things that you need, or maybe want really badly, that is just how life goes. This doesn’t mean though that you have to pay full price for these items. If you know where and when to shop, there are plenty of deals to be had. This is especially true when it comes to online shopping. If you know the right shopping websites to visit when sales are going on, you can save a truckload of money. This is going to be especially true around holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc. 


You have to get to work, and for most people, that requires a car filled with gas. Each week, you are going to be required to fill up that gas tank and spend your money. Also, the more you drive your car, the more you are going to have to pay for vehicle maintenance and repairs. What if you could split that cost each week? Well, with carpooling, you can do precisely that. You will be able to connect with others that are like-minded and looking to save, and it is a win-win for everyone. Also, who knows? Maybe you will make some friends along the way. 

8 Easy Ways to Save Money Conclusion

When it comes to money, savings needs to take as much of a priority as earning money. If you can learn to save, it will be just like you got a pay raise at work (without the extra taxes). 

Also, most of these ways to save money require very little extra effort. By simply adjusting a few habits here and there, you will be able to keep more of the money that you spent time working for. 

Lastly, a lot of these money-saving habits are either good for you as a person or good for the environment. Whether it is drinking more water, carpooling, packing your own lunch, or turning off lights, all of these have positive impacts on more than just your wallet.