Ways to Expand Your Wedding Budget

Weddings are known to be one of the most expensive occasions. It’s a time where the bride and groom invest in making their day memorable and magnificent. Trying to plan a wedding on a budget can sometimes stop you getting the results you hope for. There could be various cut-backs needed on your desired décor, or dress options, venue choices, or even caterers if you only have a low budget to work with.

One way to combat the issue of trying to plan a cheap wedding is by finding ways to expand your wedding budget. Let that day be your best day ever. Aim high when it comes to your expectations for your wedding day. Here are a few ways you could consider expanding your budget.

Trying the Winning Way

Whether you try out casino sites, a game show, or have a go at the lottery there’s a chance that you could win big and get a ceremony that is out of this world. Some say gambling is a risk that could leave you penniless, but give it a go and you could be rolling in it and even have leftovers for the honeymoon of your dreams.

Say no

It can be a great temptation when you see those sales, and those high street bargains calling your name. It’s probably very difficult to turn down buying a coffee after a hard day’s work. All these things add up. You have to exercise some self-control and think of the big day. Don’t let those little treats cost you your perfect wedding day. Holding back on those sneaky buys could make your budget reach the high level you’re looking for. It may take a few weeks for this to become routine, and then soon ‘saying no’ will become your habit.


It’s important that you prioritise well when you get your pay check each month. Don’t splash out as soon as you get it. Set aside a good amount of your incomings, aim high with your savings and the result may be astounding when you look at what you were able to accumulate by just refrain from spending unnecessarily. You could even open a savings account that can’t be touch until a certain day where you intend to purchase the items for the wedding.

Lend a Little

Now a lot of people don’t like the sound of taking out a loan in order to fund their wedding because they could be setting themselves up to enter marriage in debt, but it’s not always the case. See what’s out there, are there any non interest loans that might just give you that extra boost to get the things you need. Maybe think of some family members that could put a little towards it. Every little helps so you may as well give it a try.