Is it worth investing in rainwater harvesting system?

If you own a personal residence or plan to stay in a one very soon, you need to be acquainted with the process of rainwater harvesting. It’s a vital assignment, contractors and architects say. But genuinely, is it really worth the investment? Aren’t there more pressing and important issues to cover, and, more importantly – do rain harvesting systems really work? We’re here to find out!

What are the benefits of a rainwater harvesting system?

Did you know that most of the damages, occurring to the construction and the foundation of most homes worldwide are caused by water and moisture? Turns out that the vast majority of issues that occur for a construction, are heavily related to the fact that moisture and water accumulates beneath the surface and erodes the foundation and/or soaks into the roof and other constructional elements, forcing them to extend and shrink with the changes of temperature.

That’s not ideal, especially considering that wood or some other common materials, found in homes, are not very well off, when in constant contact with water and its expansion, as well as shrinkage.

Hence, you’re always better off avoiding any kind of standing water and excess moisture around your building.

Protect your roof

Besides the foundation, one more item that may require rainwater harvesting is your very own roof. It’s no secret that the roof is amongst the structural elements that take the most tests and strain. Heat, snow, rain, wind and a whole lot of other challenges take their toll on the roofing materials over time. This is why houseowners who are concerned with the longevity of their roofs, should do more in order to protect them. One of the best actions is to just add a rainwater harvesting system.

Prevent standing water in the gutters and vastly diminish the threat of them getting clogged up.

Moving towards a more sustainable future

In the end, adding a harvesting system is a step towards more sustainability in the future. It’s always nice to save an extra dollar/euro/quid here and there. However, if it comes at the cost of comfort – that’s a bargain not everyone is willing to take.

With rainwater harvesters, however, you will have the complete freedom to use the harvested water at your own discretion. Water plants, fill up a pond, use it on your fountain, etc. Save a bit more to have a bit more!