Pros and Cons of Buying a Cheap Double Mattress

Double mattresses are among the most popular size in the UK mattress and bed sector. Measuring 4ft x 6 inches wide and 6ft x 3 inches in length (135 cm x 190 cm), this size mattress offers adequate space for two average-size adults and ample room for a solo sleeper. But if you sleep alone and are uncertain if you need that extra room, you need to consider the pros and cons of buying a double mattress as a single person.

If you shop around, you can find cheap double mattresses that cost the same or even less than single mattresses in high street stores. Of course, the massive advantage to buying a double mattress over a single is the size. If you usually sleep alone but sometimes share a bed, with a 4ft 6-inch double bed, you should acceptably be able to sleep and turn over without disturbing a sleeping partner. 

If you’ve had any problems getting comfortable in a single bed in the past and were unable to get a decent night’s sleep, choosing a double over a single is probably the right choice. Many solo sleepers find that upgrading to a double reduces the problems associated with finding your limbs hanging awkwardly over the bed or tossing and frequently turning during the night.

Even double mattresses at the cheaper end of the scale can often result in greater support for your back. As you can spread out in any position, the spine has less strain to bear. 

Memory Foam Double Mattresses

NASA scientists first developed memory foam for space missions to reduce G-force impact. The concept proved highly successful, so much so that the mattress market quickly adopted the technology. Memory foam moulds to the shape of the body to provide maximum comfort and decrease aches and pains. In addition, choosing a memory foam double mattress will further improve your comfort.

Cons of a Cheap Double Mattress

Although a cheap double mattress may not be much more expensive than a smaller size, other increased costs are involved. The initial price tag for buying the bed is not the only cost; there is also the increased costs of duvets, sheets, extra pillows, etc.

It would help if, before ordering, you also remembered that a double bed would take up much more space in a single bedroom. When thinking about upgrading to a double from a single mattress, measuring your room dimensions exactly is always essential. You can even use a sheet or sheets of newspaper laid on the floor to visualise better precisely how much space your new bed will take up and how much room will be left for other bedroom furnishings or storage.

Depending on your living situation, the bigger mattress could also be challenging to get into your bedroom. A double mattress doesn’t move as easily around tight stairwells, corridors, or low ceilings. Before buying, think about how you will get the mattress into its new location.

Being 1ft 6″ wider than the regular single mattressdouble mattressescan sometimes feel cooler than smaller alternatives. They take longer to warm up on cold nights and may not retain heat as effectively as a single bed. Getting into a cold bed is not a problem if your room is well heated but could be an issue for a solo sleeper in an unheated room. 

Remember always to use a reputable business to purchase any new bed or mattress. These days, the best online companies usually offer free next-day delivery when you buy a new mattress, and even with cheap double mattresses, the seller should offer some sort of guarantee.