What To Know Before Applying For Health Insurance Card

The EHICs or the European Health Insurance Cards are a boon to anyone having chronic health issues or some serious medical conditions that need to be attended while travelling abroad. The countries under European Economic Area (EEA), as well as the country of Switzerland, have this statutory scheme for social security of the national citizens and the people visiting these countries. The scheme lets the patients and the person(s) accompanying, to prolong their stay in case of any sudden illness or accident, provided that they are grave in nature.

The E111 card, thus, ensures emergency medical assistance to the cardholder of the tourist or member state citizen at reduced or free of cost.

Medical benefits covered by E111

While the necessary medical treatments are covered by the EHIC OR E111 medical cards, the treatment is provided according to the state provision. The applicants should be aware that the card only covers serious health issues the treatments of which cannot be postponed. The card will not cover those treatments which can wait to be attended after the patient returns home.

The card covers treatment regarding maternity care, routine medical treatment, dialysis and also oxygen supply, apart from the emergency treatment due to an accident.

Excluded in E111 Cover

  • The E111 Cardwill not act as the travel insurance or health insurance if the traveller is visiting the country with the sole purpose of getting specific treatment.
  • While maternity care is covered by the card, it does not cover in case the mother is travelling for delivering the baby.
  • Any treatment not included in the healthcare system of the state will not be applicable for attending.
  • One of the important things to remember is that the card does not include the co-treatment costs, for which the contribution from patient’s end is necessary.
  • Finally, the benefits of the card cannot be availed in those sectors of the country where state provided treatment is not available.

Who can apply?

Any resident of UK can apply for and use the E111 card for necessary treatments while visiting any country under European Union or Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The residents are valid for the UK based card while all UK citizens will not be covered for EHIC while visiting the countries mentioned above. These countries have their own medical treatment provision, which the applicant should check before applying.

Requirements for the card

The applicant can utilise the EHIC Card for his/her spouse and the child(s) who is not more than 19 years and is attaining full time academic facility. If the applicant is a foster parent, even then the children’s treatments are covered by the card.

While applying for the card, the full name (first name and surname) should be provided along with the date of birth of each person for whom the card is getting issued. The NHS or National insurance number too is needed. CHI number for Scotland and health and care number for North Scotland will be required.

Each health insurance card is valid only for 5-6 months according to the provision of the country and after that, it should be renewed. While the card ensures reduced or free treatment cost, the patient or the family should also be ready to spend some part of the treatment cost.