What to do to kick that lazy bum and stop procrastinating?

How often we make a timetable and don’t stick to it? How often we snooze the alarm and miss early morning jog? How often do we delay the date with laundry? How often we swear by junk food but still don’t abide by it? Well, procrastinating things that are important is a normal human tendency but it becomes a problem when it becomes a habit. It starts with snoozing one day and then every day; similarly, it starts with missing gym once a week and then it becomes an everyday habit. But the real question is why do we keep procrastinating things that need immediate attention? Is it our emotional reaction to the upcoming hard work, discipline, and perseverance needed to accomplish the task? Or we are just plain lazy?

According to the book, “ The Top five regrets of the Dying” by Bronnie Ware by the way which is available at discount at Bydiscountcodes.co.uk people regret working hard and not giving enough time to issues that needed immediate attention including health. So what do we do to stop procrastinating and actually accomplishing the goals that will transform our lives?

  • Hardest thing First: Mark Twain said, “If you eat a live frog first thing in the morning you know your day can’t be any worst.” So if you accomplish the hardest task first whether it is waking up early or cleaning or working out then rest of the tasks will just fall in place. When our brain thinks that the task is difficult it automatically takes most of the time to complete it. So when you tackle the hardest thing first giving most of your time other relatively easy tasks will be completed in less time in comparison.
  • Condition your mind: It is said, “If a man can conquer his mind, he can conquer the Universe.” So true and so difficult at the same. Our mind has thousands of thoughts every minute and if we start paying heed to every thought it will become impossible to implement any one. So set your mind on one task and complete it with commitment don’t let your mind make you feel weak or bored.
  • Clean the clutter: This is about setting priorities and sticking up to it. Often we waste time thinking which task needs to be handled immediately and which ones can be ignored. Make a list of immediate tasks whether big or small and complete them. Along with it, make a list of tasks to delegate and don’t fret about them.
  • One thing at a time: Multi-tasking is a good thing but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. If juggling different thing making you feel drained and stressed then it’s time to go traditional. Do one thing at a time and when that’s completed put your hands on the second one. Also, try doing a difficult thing and then an easy thing. This alternate approach will relax your mind and you will be in control.

Lastly, procrastinating is like stale food in the refrigerator. You think you can get away with it but in reality, you just have to get it out of the fridge and in the dustbin. So sooner the better and as they say it takes 21 days for the mind to forget the old patterns and accept new ones. Give some time to yourself and observe the emotional reaction you are getting because of change in routine. Slowly and steadily you will adopt the new habits and shred the old ones.