Unique sports across the globe

Sports is a well-known practice across the globe. Almost every country excels in many kind of sports games. Countries like Russia, India and England have their football team, baseball team, and compete at National and International level. However, there are other unusual types of sports that are unknown to many. What are these? And where are these sports practiced? Prepare yourself to be amazed.

Oil wrestling

Held in June in countries like Kirkpinar, Edirne Turkey, this sport is an old competition. This type of wrestling is part of a festival to celebrate an Ottoman victory, back in 1357. Also known as the Pehlivan, in this game, the people are covered in olive oil and try to wrestle the opponent. This festival also takes place in Greece and this style of wrestling is also being practised in Netherlands and Japan.

Bed Racing

Bed Racing, practised by the people of North Yorkshire Town of Knaresborough, is practiced annually. Started back in 1935, this sport was mainly for Army, Navy and American Marine. However, with time, this competition is now open to everyone. This game involves teams of five, plus one on the bed. Teams have to bring their own bed, decorated depending on the theme of the year. The bed has four wheels, and should be able to float as well. The run race is of 3 km including crossing a river.

Wife carrying competition

Celebrated in Finland every June, the prize of this competition is a mobile phone and beer weighing the same weight as the wife being carried! The man carrier has to do a 253.5m course, including many surfaces like dry land and water hindrances, while carrying a female teammate.

Chess Boxing

As the name says, this game combines Chess and Boxing. This game is a rapidly-growing one. The rounds are divided between boxing and chess rounds. Consisting of eleven rounds, the game starts with four minutes of chess round, followed by two minutes of boxing, waiting for a knockout or checkmate. The perfect combination of physical and mental strength.

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