Skin Fitness When Exercise Won’t Work

Diet and exercise will not take care of everything. They’re vital to a healthy lifestyle, but depending on your gender, ancestry, and more, you might think you need more help with your appearance.

Dissatisfaction with how you look is not “all in your head” or something you will forget after a relaxing week at an Ocean City resort. For long-lasting effects, you might want to consider cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic surgery is the elective plastic surgery procedures that enhance appearance  In the words of Dr. Martin Donohoe of Medscape, “The top 5 minimally invasive procedures among women were Botox injection, chemical peel, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and sclerotherapy.”

Sometimes you need the help

Diet and exercise build musculature, flexibility, and overall well-being. But, depending on your body type, DNA, and other influences, they are not always the answer to everything. They do not change the shape of your nose, the protrusion of your ears, or the receding hairline.

Diet and exercise may reduce your weight and manage your waistline, but if you are inclined to a certain breast size, fat distribution, and aging skin, they will catch up with you.

The increase in cosmetic procedures indicates the reluctance of Baby Boomers to give up their youth and the desire of Millennials to stay young. In any case, they are keeping doctors busy across the nation.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Botox Injections reduce muscle contractions and was originally intended to stop spasms. As it relaxes muscles under skin tissue, it reduces wrinkles. Crow’s feet, and lines. Dr.Julio Garcia, noted Vegas cosmetic surgeon warns, “There are risks associated with treatment from any botulinum toxin.” But, it is administered with no lost time at work or play.

Chemical Peels apply acids to treat acne, pocks, scars, and wrinkles. Different applications reach different layers of the skin’s tissue. The deeper the treatment, the more irritation and recovery time. Doctors advise against deep chemical peels for those with dark skin, pale freckled complexions, or abnormal skin pigmentation.

Laser Hair Removal uses a device to focus laser light on hair follicles to destroy them. Procedures focus on removing unattractive, irritating, or unattractive hair on arm, bikini line, face, leg, or underarm. Treatments will leave an irritation like sunburn you can treat with cold compresses.

Microdermabrasion scrubs the epidermis with tiny rough grains. Different treatments buff off the layers of dead skin cells. In replacing those dead cells, the body creates new ones to refresh the appearance and remove imperfections like sunspots.

Sclerotherapy injects a saline solution into varicose or spider veins. The solution collapses the vein which then turns into scar tissue that disappears from view. There may be some pain, and there is a risk of several side-effects, from hives to thrombosis.

What’s in it for you?

Paul Sullivan, reporting for The New York Times, noted, “While any cosmetic treatment may seem vain, many people say these less-invasive treatments have improved their lives.”

People have more to say about their appearance and more choices available, some at much lower cost that in the past. The same people work out regularly and follow a strong regime of good food, nutrients, cardio-care, and weight control.

In doing so, they aggressively forestall aging in most ways. All these positive habits support healthy skin, too. But, in time, genes, and work, stresses on the skin show.

From genetic predisposition to acne or open pores to environmental damage, the skin will age you. Now, there are convenient and affordable solutions for anyone concerned about their appearance through vanity, needs to improve, or career competition.