Caring for Your Complexion: A Guide

Source: Unsplash | Icons8 team

Having clean, clear and healthy skin is not about a one-off treatment or face mask but maintaining a good routine. Our skin displays what we put into our bodies, and if you have a healthy lifestyle and take care of your body, your skin will reflect that.

Of course, there are a variety of ways we can give our skin a boost to ensure that our complexion is always glowing and here is a simple guide that will walk you through the basics of achieving – and maintaining – beautiful skin.

Keep it Simple

If you put too many products on your face, you will only make your complexion worse. Daily moisturizing is the key to maintaining a fresh face. When you use a lot of products to tone and exfoliate your face, you are likely to irritate your pores and spots due as your skin will be too dry. Be careful with how much moisturizer you apply – the “T” zone: the chin, nose and forehead, is likely to get a little oilier, so you should not over-apply moisturizer in this area.

Aside from moisturizing, it is imperative that you keep your face clean by using a glycerin-free facial soap or face wash, 100% tea-tree oil can be purchased and mixed with water or moisturizer to keep spots at bay. There is more to say about keeping your skin in its optimum condition in the next section.

Avoid Chemicals

The chemicals that many big brands use in their face products are actually incredibly harmful to your skin and the environment. Instead, it is advisable to use brands that vow never to use questionable ingredients in their skincare products. These products will be more expensive than some of the budget brands, however, if you streamline your beauty routine, this will end up costing about the same amount.

If you have severe problems with acne, the worst thing you can do is touch your skin or treat it with harsh medical procedures. The most simple and effective treatment is to use steam to release trapped sebum and nip spots in the bud. This should be repeated daily and followed with a cleansing treatment.

You are What You Eat

Everything that you put into your body can be seen on your skin. Therefore, the more vitamins you put into your diet through fresh fruit and vegetables, the clearer your face will be. It goes without saying that you should avoid food with high amounts of fat and sugar in them because they will clog your pores and cause spots. It is important to remember that skincare products that boast vitamins should be carefully considered because your skin is not porous, therefore if you put vitamin C on the skin, it will not actually go into your body. The only way to ingest vitamins and minerals is through your food and multivitamin tablets.

Learn about the Products

If you are considering whether or not you should purchase a product to help boost your complexion, it is best to read NuFACE reviews from the online community to be sure that the product is worthwhile. In this way, you’ll be able to hear the testimony of hundreds of people who’ve had unique experiences with the products – and they’ll be able to tell you whether it might suit your specific skin regime.

If you keep your skincare routine simple and natural, you will be able to maintain a fresh and glowing complexion with ease.