4 Ways To Get More Out Of Medical Marijuana

Cannabis for medical use is now legal in 30 states (and an additional 9 states have legalized recreational use).  Countless more have the issue on upcoming ballots, and the trend is moving toward the direction of legalization. But are you getting most efficacy out of the your medicine?  To help new users we offer the following 4 tips for getting the most of your medical marijuana.

Make Sure The Cannabis Is Evenly Grinded

A medical grade herb grinder is an important tool in any cannabis users kit. Grinders ensure that that the cannabis is finely ground and that it is done so evenly.  This allows the cannabis to burn more evenly when used in a pipe, a bong or a rolled into a joint (because air can flow more evenly into the bowl or joint). The end result is smoother smoke and a more efficient use of the cannabis, allowing you to preserve you stock. Grinders can be made of a variety of materials and came in many sizes, but we are partial to 4-piece grinders made of aluminum or titanium.

Invest In A Vaporizer

Vaporizers tend to be a healthier form of consumption than smoking because they create vapor, not smoke. Vaporizers use coil to heat up the cannabis so that it reaches a point where vapor is created but at a temperature below the point of combustion. As a result vaporized cannabis has fewer carcinogens and toxins as compared to smoke. Vapes are also a very efficient way to consume cannabis.  Pen and portable vapes are designed to use on the go as they can slipped into a pocket.  But some medical users before the strength and vapor quality that come with desktop vapes.

Try Using A Dab Rig For More Medical Efficacy

Dabbing is the use of a quality dab rig to smoke waxes or concentrates.  As opposed to a bong or joint, where one is smoking dry herb, dab rigs use cannabis in a concentrated waxy form, which is stronger than the flower version.  First time dabbers should be careful because concentrates contain more THC than what they may be used to.  But for medical users it can be a very efficient format for getting their medicine.  Dab rigs are water pipes that have a nail instead of a bowl.  The dab is placed on the nail and then the concentrate is heated (either with a torch or by the nail itself).

Store Your Cannabis Away From Light And Air

One of the most important aspects of medical marijuana is what you are doing with when you are not using it. Do not store in a baggie that is placed in the freezer or fridge.  This will dry it out.  And don’t store it in shoebox under your bed.  To keep it most medically useful it needs to be stored in a humidity controlled environment that is away from air and sunlight, which are the two elements that degrade cannabis the fastest.  We recommend a tinted glass container that is placed in a dark area or a humidor, which will keep the cannabis at the optimal relative humidity level (59% to 63%). Proper storage of cannabis will prolong its life and its potency, saving you money and improving the efficacy of the medication.