4 Effective Tips to Lose Baby Weight After Pregnancy

Albeit what you might have seen in the magazines, losing baby weight isn’t as simple as celebrity moms make it seem. Women tend to gain 11 to 16 kg during pregnancy, and as much as half of them gain more weight than recommended. This sudden weight gain can cause more severe problems afterwards, increasing the risk of being overweight in the future and developing diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

This is why women should take care of their weight as soon as they recover from pregnancy, but new-born mothers should also keep in mind that they can’t get back to their preferred weight in a day. Baby weight has been accumulating over 9 months, and it might take just as long to lose it. Luckily, there are some tips you can rely on to help you lose that weight in a healthier and faster manner.

Moderate exercise

Exercise is the key to keeping your health in order and also removing the leftover fat. However, if you are a gym junkie, keep in mind that running straight back to lifting weights isn’t such a good idea. In order to get the most out of your post-pregnancy exercise, you need to have a carefully planned program of getting back into shape that consists of light and medium-weight workouts.

Not only does exercise help you get your desired figure back, but it will also help you cope with post-pregnancy depression and sleep issues. If you stick to the recommended amount of 150 minutes of exercise weekly, you will get in shape before you even realize, and without torturing your body.

Innovative techniques

If you are not a fan of crunches, but still wish to get that flat stomach – there is a solution. New, non-invasive techniques have been developed to help you get rid of that baby fat in no time. These types of techniques are suitable for small amounts of belly fat, which is what makes them perfect for such a feat.

Between several different techniques using LED technology and lasers, one has shown to be particularly good for pregnancy fat, and it comes from Northern Africa. Women from the United Arab Emirates recommend the very effective CoolSculpting in Dubai for removing stubborn pregnancy fat. This non-invasive procedure relies on cryolipolysis technology which freezes fat cells. Once frozen, fat cells decompose more easily, and this process continues by itself for another couple of months, making it the most durable technique there is.

The advantages of breastfeeding

Among its many other benefits, it’s less known that breastfeeding can also help you get rid of that stubborn pregnancy fat more easily. All the needed nutrients for your baby can be found in breast milk, but its contents are a consequence of your diet. You can’t have a lot of folic acid in there if fish is not on your regular menu. Adapting your diet to your baby’s needs will help you get the needed nutrients yourself. However, don’t think that you should eat twice as much just because you have two mouths to feed. Your baby will get just enough nutrients from breast milk if you stick to your regular portions.

If need another reason to breastfeed, there are studies that have shown a connection between intelligence and breastfeeding, stating that more breastfed children tend to be more intelligent. Even though these results came to be controversial, it’s certain that breastfeeding can only do both you and your child only good.

Diet is a double-edged sword

If you thought that depriving yourself of your favorite foods is a good idea, then you should reconsider this dietary option. Being away from the food you enjoy the most can cause a stressful reaction, which can trigger the body in two opposite ways. You can lose weight fast, but also lose healthy nutrients which your body needs in order to recover from pregnancy. Also, your body can interpret these stressful signals as a starvation alarm and gather even more fat for safekeeping.

In order to make your new diet work for you best, you need to consult a professional to help you find the best balanced meals for your body’s needs. More water and whole seed grains are probably going to be on your DO list, with white bread and sugary drinks almost certainly being on the list of DON’Ts.

At the end of the day, all that matters is how you feel about yourself. Don’t get obsessed over getting back into shape when you have your loving baby by your side, which can make you happier than a six-pack ever could. You will see the best results if you stay healthy and make providing your child with all your love a priority.