Keeping Your Cool During Prom Season – For Parents AND Teens!

Prom is always an exciting time in every teen’s life what with the huge party, the formal affair, the dress or tux and best of all – no more school! Prom – sometimes known as grad or graduation in some countries – is the perfect way to cast off the shackles of school life and to say hello adulthood. With so many things to remember to buy or pay money for from the photos to the transport and everything in between, you might feel overwhelmed as a parent. Here is a handy guide to help you keep your cool during prom season.

Start Now

Starting as soon as possible to begin planning your child’s prom is a great way to alleviate the stresses that are inevitably on their way. Begin looking online for transport options, clothing options, and whatever else they may need to have the ultimate prom they will remember forever. Make a plan with your child so they know what to expect in terms of what your budget is and what they will be able to spend on each thing – and if something will need to be omitted.


Speaking of budgets- BUDGET! Just because it’s prom doesn’t mean it’s a reason to go into the poor house for the coming months. Prom is an exciting time, but you can’t spend the earth just for one day to celebrate ending school. Make sure you discuss a budget with your child in advance so you manage expectations – especially considering many of their friends will start comparing prom notes soon and prom envy is very real.

What They’ll Wear

Long prom dresses for girls are usually the go-to style, what with them looking more classy and formal and it gives the girls an opportunity to really pick something exquisite and gorgeous. Prom dresses are easy to come by online and they don’t skimp on the details. The guys usually will wear a tuxedo or a suit – sometimes without a jacket for a more informal, fun look. Wearing a suit with Converse high tops is usually a cool idea, especially if your son gets all his friends involved, all wearing a different colour – great for photo opportunities.

Just Breathe

With prom season a whirlwind of photos, shopping and sometimes tears, it’s no wonder Moms and Dads feel like tearing their hair out at times. Just take a step back, breathe and do your best. Remember that it’s a big day for your child and sometimes they are pressured by their peers to maintain a specific image. So while you’re out shopping consider picking yourself up a bottle of wine or two in order to unwind after a long day of listening to your teen yammer on about colours and how she can’t have this or that colour because her friend is having it.

At the end of the day prom can be just as stressful for the parent as it can for the child, and with more and more teens being pressured into specific styles or images to attain due to social media and the need to constantly be Instagram ready, it’s no wonder they can drive you batty. Just stay cool, focused and remember to breathe!