Turning Your Lounge into a Cosy Winter Haven

When it’s cold outside, and you come home with frozen toes, a tingling nose, and snow in your hair, there’s nothing better than cuddling up at home, wrapping up and escaping from the elements. But, to do this, you need a house that welcomes you in and comforts you like a warming hug. In the winter, your house needs to be your haven from the world, and what better place to start than your lounge?

Install a Fireplace

A fireplace is one of the best ways to turn any space into a warming paradise. Is there anything better, or more festive, than cuddling up in front of the fireplace with soft lighting, a good book, and a hot chocolate? A real fireplace can be the ultimate in cosiness, warming your home, giving off gorgeous light and aroma, and making your lounge feel smaller and more comfortable. But, if you’d prefer, modern reproduction fireplaces from stonewoods.co.uk look fabulous, are a lot safer and easier to use and can be just as festive and cosy. You can also stay cosy outside with an ethanol firepit for the cold nights and winter months.

Add Texture

Touch is an important part of the atmosphere of your lounge. Soft, thick blankets, a heavy rug under your feet, and a mix of textures from wool throws, to velvet cushions and curtains, are all effective ways to cosy up your atmosphere and help you to keep warm over the winter. Just walking into a room that is filled with texture can make you feel warmer and more comfortable, and there’s little better than wrapping up in a thick blanket on a cool night.

Soft-furnishings and textiles like a high-quality rug can also help to keep your rooms warm, increasing efficiency and reducing your heating bills.

Add Soft Lighting Options

Even a room filled with texture and a glowing fireplace won’t look cosy under bright lights. Turn your main overhead lights off and instead fill your lounge with the gentler glow of candles, lanterns, and other softer lighting. Think about the soft lights that cover your Christmas tree over the holidays, and how warm they make you feel, and then try to recreate that feeling, if not that aesthetic.

Get the Aroma Right

There are smells that we associate with the summer. These might include fresh linen, soft florals, and other delicate fragrances. Then, there are scents that we associate with winter, like mulled wine, winter spices, vanilla, and soft musk. You don’t want anything too overwhelming, but adding scented candles that remind you of happy winter times, and even changing your fabric softener can help to create a cosier atmosphere.

Add Accessories

You don’t want to have to paint the walls and replace furniture every time the season changes. Fortunately, you don’t have to do anything so dramatic to welcome in the season. Adding darker tones with accessories like your photo frames, cushions and vases can help to make the atmosphere more fitting for winter, without causing unnecessary expense or work.

Our lounges are important rooms in our homes. They are where we spend much of our waking time at home. They are where we relax and rest, but also where we entertain. Your lounge sets the tone for your whole house, so make sure you get that tone right this winter.