The Ultimate Guide to Home Improvement During the Coronavirus

Because of the global outbreak of COVID-19, nearly everyone is spending a lot more time in their own homes these days. And, to prevent cabin-fever or stir-craziness from setting in, many are trying to make productive use of that time in the house. Of course, it’s important to adhere to health guidelines laid down by professionals during this time. The good news is  that it’s entirely possible to better your home without putting yourself –– or anyone else –– in danger. Just follow these tips:

Have Supplies Delivered

While it’s okay to leave your home to pick up essential items –– like groceries and cleaning supplies –– it’s irresponsible to go out in public to make non-vital purchases. Fortunately, homeowners can have supplies needed for a home makeover delivered to their front door. Consider ordering tools, paints, primers, clippers, electronics, or anything else you need through the mail. This way, you don’t have to worry about breaking social distancing guidelines at a large department store.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Perhaps you’ve made a list that contains all the different ways you’d like to renovate your home. Rather than trying to accomplish them all at once, focus instead on tackling one issue at a time. It’s very difficult to predict what the next few weeks will look like, so don’t give yourself too many hurdles to clear at once. Otherwise, you could end up feeling overwhelmed by a number of half-finished projects.

Don’t Forget Safety

While it’s fine to give your home a fresh coat of paint or to plant a garden in your yard, it’s also important not to overlook home-safety measures. Consider reaching out to an organization like Envision Security for more information on this subject.


There are many obvious benefits to handling a home-improvement task on your own. It’s cheaper, allows for greater control and customization, and you may even be able to complete it faster. Sure, homeowners may need to consult with a professional on any big undertakings. And you especially don’t want to mess around with electrical wiring or other potentially hazardous materials if you’re not qualified to do so.


Want to find a way to connect with your significant other during quarantine? Or, need an activity to share with your kids while they’re home from school? Then involve them in the home-improvement process as well. (Naturally, be sensible in this regard. Don’t give children tools that they don’t know how to use or that they could use to accidentally injure themselves.) Little things like planting a tree in your yard can help transform your house into a home and bring your family closer together.