The benefits of having a loft at home

Having extra space at home is the wish of every family. Especially now that majority of the people are working at home online and the kids are into online classes at home. While these new normal that the world is practicing today requires an extra or additional room, many families of today are opting to the now becoming a popular option, which is to have a loft because it offers various benefits, which are discussed below.

Additional Space

A loft will create additional space for a home. Creating a loft will occupy the idle space at home and make it a useable one. Instead of it being just an unused space, one can use it as the family’s new sleeping den or maybe a make shift room. One can make it as a new working space or home office. As for the kids, the loft can be the new space for online learningespecially now that schools are required to do distance learning as health protocol to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Also, an extra space created by the loft can be a perfect haven as a family’s entertainment room or a playroom or daycareroom for the kids. The loft can be the perfect place for moms to work out, or maybe as her craft room.

If one has enough rooms for a home office, entertainment, and gaming, and even have extra for the kids’ online class, the loft can serve as the family’s storage area. Surely, a family has some things are for seasonal use like Christmas decors, winter clothes, summer outfits, or other special occassions like wedding decors and the likes, the loft is the perfect hiding place for them all.

New Private Gambling Room

Because the government prohibits mass gatherings and cancels all events including gambling in casinos, many of the gamers now shift into playing in online casinos, which can be done privately in the newly converted loft. BBC News released a report that searches for online casinos reach its all-time high during the lockdown. These can be due to boredom and easy access through mobile phones. However, according to News, bonuses offered by gambling companies including are better than they have ever been which surely contributes to the surge.

Increase the value of the property

According to the report of Nationwide, having an extra bedroom and bathroom by adding a loft or an extension to the house can add over 20% value to the home, which is a huge increase if one is a house flipper or a property investor.

Energy saver

Having a loft at home will make the home energy efficient for various reasons.If a home has no proper roof insulation, this will not be efficient enough as it will just let the heat escape or the cold air produced by the air-conditioning unit escape. With the installation of the loft, one can incorporate insulation in it. In addition, the loft will also create natural lighting to the home because, when creating a loft, adding a roof window will become an option and natural light will come inside because there will be no more obstruction like building or trees. Energy-efficient homes are now in high demand too with the vast call of saving energy and saving mother earth.

Amazing views

While many are rushing to units in tall buildings just for the sake of an amazing view, creating a loft at home will also do the job. The loft will surely have the best and unobstructed view at home. In property selling, the ones with the greatest view havea higher market appreciation and have high demands.

Time and Money Saver

Instead of extending for an extra room, having a loft conversion will serve the purpose without the expense as high as having a room extension. The roof and walls are already present so this will be a deduction to the expense. Also, the labor cost of having a loft is less with the fewer jobs to be done and will require shorter turnaround time since all the workers have to is just the support walls and flooring of the loft. The rest are already present.

The best part of having a loft and is probably every family’s wish in a home is to have an added privacy. Having the loft will create privacy to a home especially if the family got a small studio type room or unit. One can add a curtain for added privacy.