The 7 Coolest Truck Models For Your Next Project

Building truck models is exciting because there’s always something new to work on. Here are the 7 coolest models to choose from this year.

Do you have a huge collection of truck models? Is this a hobby you want to get into? Either way, there are plenty of options out there to expand, or begin, your model collection.

You just need to know what’s out there!

Building model trucks is a fun, relaxing experience. It gives you a chance to step back from daily life and tune into your own little world, or to share this as a bonding experience with a child or your partner. Who knows, you may even learn a thing or two about the trucks you’re building.

Models come in all shapes and sizes – from more recent makes to old-time trucks and even war tanks and airplanes.

So many options can make it hard to get started, but don’t worry. Here are seven of the coolest truck models to get your hands on and complete this year.

1. The WWII German Tank Panther Model Kit

The Germans may not have been on the right side of World War II, but they definitely had some amazing machines. It’s worth educating yourself (and your children) on the stance of both sides.

What better way to do so than to build truck models from this time?

Check out the WWII German Tank Panther Model Kit. It’s made with an authentic scale, and plenty of cool features you won’t find on a regular truck model. Think – interleaved wheels, detailed wartime parts, and even a battle-ready figure.

2. U.S.S.R. Tank Model Kit

To progress through history with your truck models, pick up the U.S.S.R. Tank Model Kit after you finish the German Tank. This model is based on the Cold War.

Although this period in history got its name because both sides were hesitant to engage in a “hot war“, there was still plenty of machinery ready. The tanks may not have gone into battle, but they supported many of the Soviet’s bases around the world.

Put it together with someone older than you who was around during that time. They can tell you all about the tensions and various opinions that fired up across many nations. Or, use this model as an opportunity to educate someone younger than you on such matters!

3. 1978 Ford Firestone Pickup Truck

As valuable as it is to learn world history, sometimes, you just want to kick back and indulge in a simple pastime. There are plenty of truck models to help you do just that, without getting politically heated.

Try the 1978 Ford Firestone Pickup Truck for starters. This was known to have some serious power back in the day, and you may even see one or two driving around your town. It’s easier to order a kit and put it together than keep an eye out for one on the streets, though.

This is a power truck worth working on, even if it only is the model version. Between the tough wheels, the front fender reflectors, and awesome paint job, it’s a truck meant to be appreciated.

4. 1978 GMC Big Game Country Pickup Truck

Maybe you’re more of a GMC fan than a Ford user, at least when it comes to the time of muscle cars. If old GMCs are your thing, try putting together the 1978 GMC Big Game Country Pickup.

The engine is a full-scale, mini version of a classic V8, complete with all the details you can imagine. Inside hosts a gun rack and an old-time radio, with four-wheel drive suspension and a fold-down tailgate on the outside.

Careful, admiring such a model truck may make you want to finally invest in some universal spray in bedliners you’ve been thinking about. Whether you’re working on this model truck or your real one, though, you’re sure to have a great time.

5. 1980 Jeep Honcho

Another fun option to consider making is the 1980 Jeep Honcho.

Of all truck models, this one definitely stands out. The Jeep on the box is a beautiful ice blue, but you can paint this model any way you’d like. First, you have to make it!

Be careful with the engine and all the major parts. But, don’t forget about the tiny accessories included in this kit, like a toolbox and some gas cans.

6. Baja Bronco Model Kit

You know what must have been a really great time back in the day? Riding around in a Ford Baja Bronco.

This was the fast car everyone wanted for an off-road adventure. While may new, modern toys have come out since, there’s something about the original Bronco that nothing else can compare to.

Pick up this kit and discover its beauty for yourself. The kit comes with all the decals you need to make it feel as authentic as possible. You’ll be proud to show off what’s under the hood as people ask about your truck models, and even the back tire opens just as it used to.

7. 1966 Pontiac Model Kit

Last but not least, the Pontiac GTO of ’66 is sure making waves for lovers of truck models this year. Sure, this is more of a cool-guy ride than a trucker’s choice, but it still deserves to be on this list.

Pick up the Pontiac GTO ’66 model kit when you need a bit of a break from trucks. This has plenty of muscle in its own way. In fact, some say it was the first vehicle to coin the term “muscle car”!

It also comes with a V8 engine, but one like you may have never seen before – either in a real truck or model truck. The engine is equipped with tri-power carbs under the hood and a chrome finish on the outside.

It’s sure to turn heads as part of your truck collection.

Working on Truck Models, Yourself, or Your Love Life

Truck models aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. But, if this is the hobby that makes you happy, go for it. After all, there are much weirder things you could be spending your time on.

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