Roof Repairs That Can Be Done Alone

Roof replacement is very expensive. This is because when you think about maintaining some expensive home parts it is normally better to buy brand new items. We often see this in roof repairs. The truth is that most homeowners will want to contact roofing contractors since many of the needed repairs require expertise and can be quite dangerous. However, this does not mean the contractor needs to be instantly contacted for every single small problem that is present. Many roof repairs are fairly simple and the homeowner can do them. Here are those that have to be considered without the help of the contractor. Just make sure that you do not start if you have doubts as safety is always important.

Small Leaks

In many cases a small leak appears because of flashing problems. Flashing covers joints you see between the roof and the chimney or the wall. A small hole present in metal flashing because of wear or rust can lead to the appearance of a small leak, just as it happens when the metal sheet is loose. Cement can be utilized in order to patch up these holes. This is also true for those you see between shingles. Just make sure that you are safe if you need to get on the roof and if you are going to carry out any work on your roof yourself make sure have the correct safety equipment including quality roofer shoes or boots.

Shingle Repairs

Shingles that are splitting, chipping off or cupping usually have to be replaced. Only do this if you are handy. The good news is that you can easily repair the roof if just some shingles have to be replaced. All that is needed is new shingles, nails, hammer and roofing cement. Even with slate or tiles you can do this. Just do not handle such a project if many shingles are damaged as structure may be affected. Changing a couple of shingles though is really simple.

Ice Dams

Homeowners often remove the ice dams with ease but we should know that prevention is much more important. What you normally need to do is to get a better insulation. When getting rid of ice dams, simply break down everything in small chunks. You can do this with flat mallets. Just make sure that you do not hit the ice too hard as you would end up damaging roof shingles. Calcium chloride is an alternative as you place it on the ice and it eventually slowly melts.

Gutter Repairs

Gutters are technically not roof parts but are very important for the overall structure because of the protection offered. When an open gutter is present you have to clean it around 2 times per year. This is especially the case if leaves are falling off or there is other debris that can enter inside gutters. A very good solution after cleaning your gutters, which is self-explanatory, is to add metal meshes. They prevent debris from entering and damaging the gutters.

As you can see, you do not always need to call roofing contractors. Just be sure that you do so whenever you feel that you are overwhelmed.