How To Keep Your Garden Protected On A Budget


There’re more to protecting your garden than affixing a sign that reads “Beware Of The Dog” to the front fence. Your garden needs to be kept impenetrable to those that might cause you harm. Harm comes in the form of thieves and the lesser dangerous threat otherwise known as pests. Although you needn’t barricade your home and garden, you should employ safety measures, as the world isn’t as safe as we might think. There simply is no harm is protecting your home and your garden from invasion, and it’s far better to be safe than it is to be sorry. If you don’t have the money to use high-tech cameras and motion sensors, then there’s no need to worry as there are plenty of other ways in which to protect your garden.

Kill Pests

If you want to protect your garden from pests then you don’t necessarily have to fork out and buy a bucket full of insecticides, sprays and poisons. Instead, you can buy a pack of traps and place them around your garden and use essential oils to spray on your plants instead of shop bought ones. Small mouse traps can be picked up online for next to nothing so think about using these if you suspect you’ve got mice living in your garden. It’s worth noting here, that it’s best to sort mice or rats before they become a larger problem. Tidying up your garden after a rodent infestation can be costly, so make sure you call Pest Exterminator Services before a more serious problem arises.

Have Your Neighbors Watch Your House

Enter into your local neighborhood watch scheme and take part in the cause to protect your neighbor’s home simply be keeping an eye out and being vigilant. In this scheme, you all pull together to make a conscious effort to keep watch of other people’s homes when they’re away. The scheme is simply yet effective as thieves operating in the area will be aware that there might be eyes watching from all around. This could be deterrent enough if a thief believes his crime will not be hidden by the cover of night.

Scare Tactics

Before you begin attaching barbed wire to the walls of your garden, think about using other, less extreme ways of keeping unwanted guests out. You can add anti-climb paint to either side of your garden fences and attach warmings explaining that they’re painted with such. If you wish to deter thieves from entering your garden, motion activated lights will give a wide viewing area if movement is sensed close to your home when it’s dark.

Decoy Camera

Adding a decoy camera could also fulfil the role of a deterrent as breaking and entering might seem too great a risk if a camera appears to be operating and keeping an eye on what’s happening outside. A decoy camera shouldn’t cost you very much at all. You can purchase a broken or faulty one online for a fraction of the price and then install in outside your home.