How To Get More From Your Garden

What do you really want from your garden? Most people will want a space they can enjoy as much of the year as possible. They’ll want it to look neat and tidy. They’ll want it to be easy to take care of. Luckily, you can have all of this and plenty more if you think about your backyard in advance and make a plan. With that in mind, read on to discover how you can get more from your yard and enjoy it to the fullest, even if you don’t have green thumbs.

Use Vertical Growing

If you don’t have a lot of space since not all gardens are large ones, or you want to keep as much room as possible outside for entertaining your friends or switching to your sports contact lenses in order to play games with your children, then vertical growing might be the ideal option for you.

Vertical growing is exactly what it sounds like; rather than using traditional flower beds and vegetable patches, you’ll instead plant things to grow upwards. Often this can be done by using a wall or fence, but you can also add your own trellis or even a specially designed planting station that is made just for vertical growing.

Not only will you save a lot of room this way, but maintenance is easier too. Instead of having to bend down all the time or be on your knees a lot, you can do a lot of your gardening standing up.

Use Watering Systems

One of the most time-consuming tasks that any gardener will face is watering their backyard. This is especially true in the hotter summer months or if you live in a warm climate, but of course, even if you live somewhere cooler, your plants, vegetables, herbs, and lawn will all need to be watered.

To make this job an easier one, start by choosing plants that are native to your area. If you do this, you’ll find they can withstand the extremes of temperature that might come about, and if you live in a hot climate and choose the right plants, you won’t have to water them quite so much, lessening the amount of work you need to do. Alternatively, you could install an automatic irrigation system. Although this will cost you money, the time it saves you will be worth it, plus you won’t have to replace your plants because they died since you’ll keep them watered.

Low Maintenance Lawn

Even if you have everything else in hand, your lawn can be a trial to take care of. Either it will be extremely healthy and grow very fast, meaning you have to cut it more often, or it will get out of control, or it will be unhealthy and leave dead, brown patches across it and perhaps weeds and moss too. So what are the options?

If you want to get more out of your backyard, the lawn has to be taken care of as it’s usually the largest part of your garden. To save you time and effort and to ensure that it’s always ready to be used no matter what time of year it might be or what you need to use it for, installing artificial turf can be an excellent idea. Choose high-quality fake grass, and it will last for many years, and the only maintenance you’ll need to do is occasionally sweeping away leaves and hosing it down when it gets dusty or dirty.