Home Improvement Ideas to Enact in 2019

Improving your home is a life-long project and one that too many people tend to leave for later in life. It’s easily kicked down the road, left until one’s later years when you feel you have more free time to concentrate on renovations. But the problem with this attitude is that, of course, you’ll not have so long to enjoy the benefits of your renovation. By offering some home improvement ideas, this article aims to help you find the time and the courage to enact your own home improvements before this year is out.

Kitchen Revamps

The range of kitchens available for the modern home is so terrific it can be slightly intimidating because of all the options. Anyone who has browsed an online store for kitchens, or who’s been into a physical warehouse, will know the range of variation that kitchens now have to offer.

If your kitchen is looking a little frayed around the edges and could use an update in terms both of style and practicality, you should start considering the materials you’d like to bring in, and the appliances that you want to integrate with your kitchen’s paneling and surfaces.

You’ll need a team of builders and installers to build your kitchen out for you, and some allotted time where you’re able to deal with the disruption they cause. Find a Phoenix handyman to help you get on with the job, fixing up your new modern kitchen.

Open-Plan Living

Living rooms and kitchens are meant for one another; that seems to be the consensus of the continuing trend of open-plan ground floors to homes throughout the world. Knocking through a wall in your home is actually quite a quick exercise that won’t cost you a great deal of money, so it’s well worth considering if you’re looking to create a more open and social space in your home.

You’ll have first to approach an experienced builder who’ll be able to assess the structural integrity of your home, understanding how the knocked-out wall will impact upon your home’s safety. But if he or she gives you the green light, then you’ll be able to make this dramatic change to your home in no time at all, opening up all kinds of new possibilities for furniture layouts as a result.

Bathroom Refits

Your bathroom is one of those rooms that you want to feel well-maintained, modern and clean at all times. If it’s a little old, you’ll find that it’s not likely to have these essential qualities. Perhaps the tiles are a bit faded, or there are chips on the porcelain.

Whatever the case, you’re always able to rip out old bathroom items in favor of newer, more modern alternatives. Bathroom changes needn’t break your bank; there are plenty of cheap items that you can install at low cost that’ll still look gleaming and exciting when compared to your aging items.


This is a more gradual process that doesn’t leave a visible trace but will certainly upgrade your home’s energy efficiency. One for those looking to do their bit for the environment, the additional benefit to homes built with new, modern insulation is that you’ll save a good deal of money on your energy bills.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving, then. It’s also an opportunity to open up your walls in order to fix any plumbing or wiring issues that your home might have been experiencing for the past few years. If you’ve got the time and the cash, installing new plug sockets where you’ve always wanted them can happen simultaneously to your insulation installation.

Garden and Patio

Finally, as we’re heading towards the summer, it’s the perfect opportunity to make some changes to your garden areas in order to make them more accommodating and charming in the summer months that you’ll be spending outside of your home.

Start planning right away for the work to be completed by the summer. There are so many garden improvements to make that it’s almost a folly to list them, but here are some ideas in any case:

  • Install a porch or a patio to relax on adjacent to your home
  • Create a pond or water feature to add ambiance to your garden
  • Make new beds for flowers that’ll be in full bloom come the summer
  • Create a new plant watering system, with small hoses running along your flower beds
  • Install a summer house or elegant luxury shed to spend time in when the weather’s nice

As mentioned, the list does go on and on. Make the most of your home’s potential by taking this list as inspiration to enact your own home improvement measures in 2019.