Getting Your Home Ready for Removal

Moving home can be a complex task and it is important that throughout proceedings, you are organized and ready. When moving day actually comes, it is important that you make sure that you not only get the right removal team, but that you also do your part when it comes to getting all of your items ready for them to take away.

Finding a removal company like Shiply that you can trust can easily be done online, search for local companies, check out their reviews and then book the team you like the most. Once you have your date and your removal company all lined up, it is time to get prepared for the big day, and here is how to make sure that your stuff is ready to go.

Fragile First

The first step is to get all of your fragile pieces in one place and spend a good amount of time on packaging them up and most importantly, labelling them as fragile. Once you have done this, you can leave them to one side and the removal team can decide at which point they will take your delicate items. Make sure that they are sufficiently wrapped, packaged and boxed to avoid any breakages.


You may think that a quick look in a box in your new house will tell you which room the box should be for, but this can be pretty time consuming with so many boxes. The best thing that you can do here is to color code each box with its relevant room. If you are able to do this, then as each box is put into the new house, you will know instantly which room it belongs to and where to put it. This is such a simple task that will save you a great amount of time and effort.

Weight Aware

Make sure that you label heavy boxes so that when the removal team start picking boxes up, they can take care with anything that is heavy and they can avoid any injury. A simple note on the side of a box will be sufficient to notify anyone of a heavy or overly lightweight box.


Generally speaking, moving your stuff from one house to another can be pretty tough so make sure that you help it to run smoothly by getting your timing just right. Make sure that you know when the removal team will arrive and that you are ready for them.


As a final way of ensuring that the move goes swiftly, make an effort to take as many items as you can to the new property either in your car or a van. In the main, removal teams are perfect for large or heavy items and whilst they will of course take other items as well, you can do your part by moving small pieces to the new place, bit by bit. Doing this can greatly speed up the overall removal process.